Talk Therapy Versus Psychiatry

FOX 25 News Boston reporter Ted Daniel interviewed this psychotherapist, Dr. Karen Ruskin in her office as part of a special report on the industry of Talk Therapy and Psychiatry.

Psychiatrist Dr. Carlat located in Newburyport interviewed for this report explained that patients who only receive drug therapy are being shortchanged. Dr. Carlat stated; “Emotional problems are only part biological . . . they are also part environmental and part social, and so if you are trying to treat these very complex problems with only a medication you are not going to be successful. You might get them 50 percent better but they are going to need something more.”

During this interview I, your very own Dr. Karen Ruskin explained that people want solutions and talk therapy offers that opportunity. I further explained that by having a separate distinction between what the Psychiatrist offers and what the Psychotherapist aka Talk Therapist offers, “it allows the client clarity on what they are working on and it also allows for the professional to have a true expertise.”

Talk Therapy and Psychiatry each are of value. Learn more about Talk Therapy And Psychiatry – as an industry, by watching this special report on demand.



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