Fox News Radio reporter Jared Halpern Interviews Dr. Karen Ruskin on Weiner, Cyber Relationships and more . . .

As Weinergate continues the media industry (I.e., radio, TV, print) explores different angles as it applies to the public regarding Cyber Relationships:
FOX News Radio reporter Jared Halpern interviewed Dr. Ruskin, segment aired on 6/14/11 and asked the question; Is sexting cheating?
FOX 25 News Boston anchor Gene Lavanchy interviewed Dr. Ruskin on 6/14/11 and asked the question; Why do women stay?
Boston Globe – Daily Dose Blogger Deborah Kotz interviewed Dr. Ruskin on 6/13/11 and asked; Is sexting a psychological disorder?
Find out the answer to these questions and more by clicking on each link if you are interested in learning more about marriages and cyber relationships.
I hope you find this information useful as we are a changing world in the middle of a relationship revolution.
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