Educate Your Children About Politics And The Presidential Election

Typically when you think of the sentence: educate your children about politics and the presidential election, most think this means to share with your children your political stance. Or perhaps, share with them whose beliefs you agree with versus not. Or rather it means to educate them about the process to become president. It is not as simple as any of these items from this human behavior and mental health experts point of view.

Yes, sharing with your children your opinion about the variety of different issues of importance and why you believe what you believe is absolutely important. I also believe in the importance of sharing with them what the other perspective of whatever the particular topic is that you are discussing politically related and ask them their opinion. Be supportive of the notion that there is more than one point of view and you are interested in their thoughts. Educating your children about the presidential election should include helping your children develop their analytical muscle so someday they can make their own decisions. How can a parent do that you may wonder. The answer is by having a dialogue with your children not at your children. In addition, presenting questions that allow them to think about and consider how and why voters make the decisions that they do about who the president should be is a technique I recommend.

When a child is offered the opportunity to consider why one makes the choices one makes, their analytical muscle develops and grows. This then opens the door for them to think about why they make the choices that they do. It is when one asks ‘why’ that one is mindful of one’s own thoughts and feelings. When one is self aware, one makes abundantly wiser choices then when one simply follows the crowd, whether it is this topic or any other life topic.

If you would like to have a conversation with your child about the presidential election, start by sharing this blog with them. In addition, the following link includes concrete questions to explore with them that will offer an open dialogue and thus educate them about the presidential election from the slant of life skill development. Specifically you will help them to develop the life skill of self awareness and in this context, the understanding of why one makes the presidential choices one makes. Click here for the questions to ask your children.

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