The President And The Mental Health Of Our Society

With so much talk about who may be the next president of the United States of America, one should consider that the president we choose affects the mental health of our society as a whole.

Think about this statement made above for a moment. Do you agree or disagree? Is not our mental health as a society affected by what happens in our cultural environment? Of course it is. Does our president play an important role and is our president a significant contributor in what happens in our society? Allow yourself the luxury to process mentally your thoughts. Give yourself the gift of thought. Below are just but a few questions early on in this process you can ask yourself and help your kids to become involved in the political process by exploring these questions with them as well.

1. Why is a particular president chosen over another president in your opinion if you were analyzing other people’s method of choosing?

2.  What would your answer be if you were speaking just about yourself?

3. Is the choice one makes not an emotional decision?

4. Are not one’s concerns, worries, fears, wants, hopes, expectations, beliefs all tied into who one chooses to be president? (That includes emotions does it not?)

5. How does this “applicant” for such an important position present one’s self with consistency? Is that something you consider in your decision making process?

6. Communication style both verbal and non verbal (body language), dress, gender, color of skin, accomplishments, promises, who one surrounds one’s self with, opinion about issues that are important to you, and more . . . which of these items affects the choice of the public? What affects your choice?

7. What does the media present about those in the running both in words and in pictures? What is stated about their family, their past, their professional life, their personal life? How does that impact those you know in terms of their decision and how does that impact your decision?

8. What currently are we as a society struggling with? Can the president play a role in helping with that struggle(s) in your opinion? Yes? No? Why?

9. What if any are themes that continue to present itself for our current society that we need concrete help with?

10. Who can actually help us and who do we think can help us?

11. What kind of help are we as a society in need of and looking for? Is that what you are in need of and looking for?

12. What is your philosophy about independence and dependence, government involvement, foreign policy, health care, economy, job, taxes, social issues (e.g., abortion), education, environment, achievement, morals, ethics, values, family? What additional issues are not on this list that is important to you? Why is this an important question?

13. What beliefs do we have that we do not admit to even ourselves that may affect our choice?

14. What are the issues that are debated about and will be debated about that are important to you?

15. Who influences your understanding of those that are running for president? Is it your spouse, friends, favorite actor, family, parents, favorite news commentator, the slant of a particular magazine/newspaper, singer?

16. Do some people simply vote based on whether they label themselves a Democrat or a Republican? Do you?

17. Who listens to the interviews and debates with a close ear? Do you?

18. Do we hear what we want to hear?

19. Do we research to see what are truths versus inaccuracies when one interested party talks about another interested party? Do we as the audience listen not knowing who is telling the truth? Do we base our decision of truth on who presents one’s self the best in their speaking style, or rather what someone else tells us to believe?

20. Do you think the majority of the population feels truly informed when making a decision? Do you think you will feel truly and completely informed when you make your decision?

We are very early on in the process of considering who will be the last man or woman standing. Is not now the time to start thinking, processing, listening, and considering what each person is saying, what they have or have not proven, and what the needs of our country has? Is now not the time to think about your opinion and communicate with your children? Or rather will we wait until we have to make a decision as time has run out and just listen to the analysis written and spoken by others.

So, I ask you to ask yourself: what do you really know about those that are interested in becoming president of the U.S.A.? Will you make an effort to have an open mind and learn about them and what they stand for? What do you feel our country is in need of? What are your beliefs and how does that influence your judgment and the decision that you make? What issues are important to you? Do you care about who becomes the next president? Take your time and answer these questions. Think about what additional questions you can ask yourself not listed here.

Remember, the president we choose affects the mental health and wellness of our society, let us take our time through this journey and make a wise choice, whatever that choice may be.

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