Fascination With Charlie Sheen Dr. Karen Ruskin Explains

Fascination With Charlie Sheen Dr. Karen Ruskin Explains

On March 7th 2011 at 3:20 PM CBS Radio Dallas KRLD-AM requested Dr. Karen Ruskin’s insights into why the public is so fascinated with Charlie Sheen.

Live on air I explained my insights. One of the things I asserted is that Charlie Sheen is experiencing an internal battle of self between the ‘ID-Charlie’ and the ‘EGO-Charlie’. As a public so many are sitting in judgement and fascinated, as many wonder not just for him, but for one’s own self as well; which life existence is better? Following the ‘ID-Self’ is a lifestyle where -we want what we want when we want it- and we follow those wants, those rants. The ‘EGO-Self’ is concerned about and considerate of how one’s choices effects self AND those we love. Pure ID is all about drama, fun, and is a turbulent life existence. Pure EGO is an attempt at having a healthy, peaceful, and relational existence. On air when asked my recommendation, I suggessted confronting one’s self through the utilization of both individual counseling as well as family counseling as family matters and they are what appears to be genuinely suffering. It is within the relationship with one’s self and those closest to us that we can help ourselves to help our self to find one’s healthiest self once again.

For this blog I shall provide even further detail, as the story of Charlie Sheen offers the opportunity to educate others. Are you ready? Here I go.

Whether it is Charlie Sheen or any one of us, we are at our healthiest and happiest version of self when we are in control of both sides of self and are our ‘OBSERVER SELF’. This is when we can take a true look at the ID’s desires and the EGO’s needs and determine what that healthy blend looks like. When we live pure ID it is our least healthiest version of self where one displays arrogance, a lack of care for others, and typically hurts ourselves and those we love. When we live pure EGO sometimes we forget our creative passionate side. The key is to access the energy and passion of the ID while making the wise choices of the voice of the EGO.

I shall share with you my readers that we all have within us the ID and the EGO. Charlie is not alone. The question to ask one’s self is; do we think our ID is more powerful than our EGO or the other way around? Charlie has people close to him, family, that genuinely loves and cares about him (we as an observing public assume). Everyday there are men and women that are in an inner battle with one’s self between living an ‘ID-Self’ existence or an ‘EGO-Self’ existence. It is that person’s mother, father, siblings, spouse, x-spouse, children, etc., that suffers deeply when watching their loved one display haughty behaviors, arrogance, and display verbalizations and actions of grandiose self importance. Observing one you care about during his most unhealthy version of self is painful as one’s family has seen their loved one when living one’s healthy version of self.

Are we “winning” when we are not concerned deeply about those we often do care about or when we are deeply concerned, considerate, and involved in a healthy interaction with those we love? Do we have “tiger blood” when we are displaying a lack of passion about self and those we love in the now and in the future relationship dynamic or when we are focused on and attending to the growth of our relationship with one’s own self and with those closest to us? Are we on “a drug called Charlie Sheen” when we are feeling at peace and happy about our accomplishments, making healthy self choices, accomplishing our professional goals, and talking about our colleagues in a thought-felt professional manner, or when we are proud of how much cocaine we did and laughing about our interviews when we are displaying we are not at our healthiest version of our self?

We as a society are not a judge, nor a jury of Charlie Sheen’s words nor actions. Yet we find ourselves discussing them. Let us use this as a therapeutic opportunity for your own self reflections and consider, are you making choices that display your healthy version of self or unhealthy version of self? I invite you to make comments about what Charlie Sheen’s articulations mean to you.

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