Giuliana Rancic – Eating Disorder or Just Extremely Thin?

There’s been much talk in the tabloids as of late about Giuliana Rancic’s extremely thin frame. The pictures the public sees of her is an opportunity for mental health professionals such as myself to point out the importance of self care. Does Giuliana have an eating disorder, or is she just extremely thin? As I have not treated her, it is not appropriate for me to provide a diagnosis. What I will say is that her extremely thin frame leads many to wonder if perhaps she has an eating disorder, which offers the opportunity for the topic of eating disorders to be explored. In my interview with Star Magazine, I shared that medical issues (perhaps you have heard about Giuliana’s experience with cancer), and/or infertility challenges (perhaps you have heard about Giuliana’s history), are not uncommon triggers for women to experience a reaction to their food intake. I invite you to check out my interview in Star Magazine’s cover story of the February 3rd 2015 issue, article entitled: Giuliana Rancic: Dangerously Thin. One’s relationship with food is often symbolic for certain emotions one is experiencing in one’s life.

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