Inspiring Motivational Quotes – Mental Health and Positive Thinking

10-Seconds-To-Mental-Health-125x125If you are looking for inspiring motivational quotes that can help you to help yourself make real life long term shifts – look no further. As a Psychotherapist/Marriage and Family Therapist who has been counseling individuals, couples, and families since 1993, I decided to put together in a book: 1 tip per day. My book includes over 200 tips. Yes, 1 tip, 1 quote per day, 1 concrete statement of advice from me to you that you can make the choice to take action on each day. When it comes to mental health and wellness I believe that it is not simply positive thinking that helps us to make healthy life long shifts. I believe that people often yearn for and desire concrete inspiring and motivational statements written in a format of advice. Practical advice – real solution tips for real people.

The book I wrote: ’10 Seconds To Mental Health’ has over 200 motivational quotes of action items a person can implement to help their personal, relational, and professional mental health and wellness. I invite you to find out more about my new book published just in time for the holidays. Makes for a great gift for self as well as for family and friends. Who wouldn’t enjoy an autographed copy of a book that has a new fabulous quote to read per day?

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