Polyamory Vs Monogamy – The Debate

by Dr. Karen Ruskin on November 15, 2014

DebateOut.com called upon my experience as a Marriage Therapist to share my insights on the topic of polyamory vs monogamy. It seems as though there is a debate with some on one side of the fence in favor of polyamory as an acceptable lifestyle, and others who feel monogamy is the only way to be. Some question whether monogamy is realistic, if it is possible, if perhaps the reason why there are many marriages that fail is because we are somehow not meant to be monogamous. I am glad that DebateOut.com called upon my insights where I express that monogamy is a choice in which I believe to be a better structure for marital relationships. Although I am not a judge nor jury, I do have a perspective based upon the articulations and experiences couples and individuals have shared with me in my 20+ years as a therapist who specializes in relationship issues.

I invite you to check out this well written article by Gabriela Rivera-Morales, of which she accurately documented my statements per an interview between she and I. I enjoyed being a part of an interview knowing that different sides of the coin were going to be documented for this story. Here is the article for your reading pleasure: Is monogamy a better structure for romantic relationships? 

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