Is Sexting Adultery? Rep. Weiner Scandal

Is Sexting Adultery? The question that many ask and is being discussed on the air waves through out the day today, well, not just today. As a marriage therapist and an expert in human behavior, this doc says: YES, sexting is cheating!

Weiner’s behaviors are far too common among many- he is not alone in the choices that he made and there are many couples that are experiencing sexting and other forms of technology as a piece within the couple puzzle that is not fitting well.


This morning live, on FOX 25 News Boston, Lilly, AKA Elizabeth Hopkins asked me, your very own Dr. Karen Ruskin a wide range of questions that everyone wants to know the answers to, and they now are in-the-know, including; is sexting is cheating? I explained that it absolutely is. She asked several compelling questions some of which included; could this be the first step to a physical affair? She even explored with this psychotherapist – why there was a “crotch shot”. You may listen to this interview on demand.

This afternoon on 96.9 Boston Talks I shared with Doug Meehan and his listeners that sexting is a connection with another person through the use of  technology, I further explained, sexting is cheating.

Tune in this upcoming weekend: Saturday, June 11th to 96.9 Boston Talks The Joe & Huggy Show where these “regular guys” shall have their go-to relationship expert; Dr. Karen answer any and all questions LIVE and in-the-studio about the Weiner scandal. The range of discussion shall be wide and varied.  No question shall be left unanswered- you may call in and ask what you so wish. Tune in, the program airs 1-4 PM.

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