The Joe and Huggy Show and Dr. Karen Ruskin Discuss Weiner Scandal, Cyber Relationships

Saturday, June 11th, 2011 Human Behavior and Relationship Expert, your very own, Dr. Karen Ruskin, shall be on 96.9 Boston Talks – The Joe and Huggy Show. Live in studio, this marriage therapist shall answer all questions Joe and Huggy and the listeners ask – with passion. As always, as Joe and Huggy’s regular go-to Doc, this marriage therapist shall offer cutting edge insights, straight/direct talk, and concrete strategies. Topic: Cyber Relationships – is it Cheating?, The Weiner Scandal, Marriage, and Human Behavior. Tune in.

The Joe and Huggy Show airs every Saturday from 1-4 PM. This particular topic of discussion shall begin at 2PM.

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