Kavanaugh Vs. Ford – Why is America Divided?

Joy Lim Nakrin & Dr Karen Ruskin

Brett Kavanaugh coverage is dominating headlines. Many sexual assault survivors describe how Christine Ford’s testimony stirred their own emotions about past trauma. Why? On the other end, many feel Kavanaugh and his family are being unfairly targeted. Why are there differing opinions? How do people with such differing views work through this?

Today on NECN during my bi-weekly mental health segment with anchor Joy Lim Nakrin, an important exploration was had. Providing my analysis and perspective through a psychotherapeutic and human behavior lens, this segment offered viewers an opportunity to understand their own reaction and others. Additionally, graphics for the points of focus were provided.

If you missed our live discussion, here is the video for on demand viewing: Kavanaugh vs. Ford: America Divided.

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