Marriage – Communication, Decisions, Challenges

Marriage is a life long journey of which shall include challenges where the couple as a team together shall explore, confront, and triumph through. Well, that would be what I would hope for you. Yet, not all marriages experience this success. Perhaps the following shall offer my readers something to think about and thus help you to help yourselves on your marital journey, as it is our cognition that impact our actions. Marriage is a forever growing journey never with decisions of finality and rather forever re-discovering.

One’s relationship with one’s siblings, parents, and other relationships outside of the marital unit is a life long journey that has movement like a moving vehicle never stagnant with the potential to grow, and may or may not. Those outside relationships in terms of what we experienced in our past, are currently experiencing, as well as what we will experience plays a role in one’s thoughts and actions. One’s relationship with one’s own self is a constant journey of movement on every level, for example, in our own comfort with confronting and addressing our thoughts, actions, concerns, and willingness to be invested in understanding the perspective of our spouse.

If we allow our fears, concerns, or our worries about the lack of perfection or potential conflict a decision or dialogue may bring, we shall freeze and it makes it impossible to make decisions. Know this point: ALL decisions will lead to challenges as all decisions shall lead to joys- it is not about IF challenges and joys shall occur in one’s life, rather marriage and life overall is about HOW we handle these experiences. Self awareness, introspection, communication with one’s self and one’s spouse, and working as team is a healthy strategic combination to work through life’s challenges. This does not infer the individuals within the couple shall always have the same opinion, let that not be a destructive force.

I am hopeful my readers have found the insight as stated above helpful. You are invited to comment on a time you have struggled and there was not success and/or triumphed through a life obstacle with the use of healthy marital communication in an effort to make a decision you were confronted with upon which the outcome was great success.

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