Teen Talk Group – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Teen Talk
Led by one of our youth specialists here at Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates, all topics that tweens and teens struggle with (ages 12-17) are addressed weekly in a small and cozy group environment in our upscale private practice. This group helps by providing a set of coping strategies to increase making healthy life choices, no matter what the struggle. Examples of some topics that are addressed include: peer pressure, relationships, bullying, parent-child relationship, divorce, impulsive behaviors, drugs/alcohol, anxiety, depression, achievement, feeling misunderstood.

Weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings: 7-8 PM starting the second week of May, 2011! Your child may join in at any time, simply call or email us to reserve your child a spot, learn more about this group, or to find out about what other groups are upcoming by contacting us directly: contact.


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  1. Update: the kids are enjoying the group and I am so proud of their success at implementing the strategies discussed. Although there is only one spot remaining to date, the group has rolling admissions. So, if you are thinking this might be a helpful experience for your middle or high school child, contact us for more details. Al

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