Marriage is on the Decline

Marriage is on the decline. We see it around us everyday; divorce, divorce, divorce. “Barely half of all adults in the United Sates- a record low- are currently married”. Imagine this reality; the number of new marriages in the U.S. is declining as well, “and the median age at first marriage has never been higher for brides . . . and grooms”. How do we know the aforementioned statements as fact you ask? PEW Research Center provided a report that came out this week; December 14th 2011,  with this information. It is in that moment that various forms of media offered the opportunity of educating the public.

If you wish to read my insightful blog explaining my theory on the 3 reasons why marriage is at a record low, I invite you to do so: PEW Research Reports Married Couples at a Record Low.

If you are interested in hearing this marriage expert’s no nonsense opinion from 18 years of experience providing marriage counseling, as to the 3 reasons why marriage is on the decline and 3 concrete strategies for what to do about it, watch my interview on FOX 25 News Boston. I was interviewed live this morning, December 16th 2011: Tying the Knot- Is Marriage Outdated?

If you would like to read an informative article published in today’s  Christian Post where I was interviewed by Bianca Coombs, you may click on this article: U.S. Marriages Plummet To All Time Low.

If you wish to enhance your marriage, read and learn concrete proven and doable strategies for a healthy and long lasting marriage, I recently released my cutting edge book; Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, as seen on FOX & Friends. This must read offers you real solutions for real marital challenges, problem prevention strategies, enhancement techniques, as well as solution resolution methods for those in decline. This manual with assignments through out is designed for couples at all stages and phases of marriage.

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