Violence in Malls- Interview on Hannity

Dr Karen on Hannity discussing violence erupting in shopping mallsPsychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin on Hannity interviewed by Mark Steyn explains the recent violence in malls is not simply a case of holiday chaos. This cutting edge mental health expert shared 5 key theories of why violence takes place over a pair of sneakers.

When asked the question by Mark as to whether Nike is to blame, this psychotherapist, your very own Dr. Karen Ruskin responded the answer is no. I stressed the importance of people taking ownership of their own behavior. Deneen Borelli, also a guest Tuesday evening on Hannity, agreed with my philosophy.

The following includes the 5 concepts in bullet point summary form that this psychotherapist explained on Hannity which plays a role in this presenting scenario. Certainly this is not the first nor will it be the last case of violence erupting for what seems to not make sense to the observer.

The 5 talking points include:

  1. Double I plus A- We have become such a culture of impulsiveness (I), combine that with the need to fulfill one’s inner ID (I) (I.e., “I want what I want when I want it”) that leads some to act upon those impulses to fulfill one’s inner ID. Far too often aggression (A) is then used to fulfill the ‘double I’. Aggression is the instinctive impulsive behavioral reactive response for some to fulfill what the inner ID wants.
  2. Entitlement/”Me-Me” culture- In America our youth culture of this generation, and many adults, feel if they want something they must have it, they deserve to have it and are entitled. A culture where many are not concerned about the well being of those around them and rather “it” is all about me, me, me.
  3. Culture- The overwhelming need to be a part of a particular culture is experienced by many a human. The shame is that in American culture for some, perhaps one may even suggest for many, that how you are viewed by others and how you view your own self, far too often is based upon tangibles (e.g., the sneakers one has, the car one drives, the most up to date electronic equipment . . .).
  4. Anxiety- 1 in 8 adults in America (that’s the reported # many believe it is far more) suffer from anxiety shown for many in childhood first but often left not diagnosed. Filling your “want urge” which feels like a “need” for anxiety sufferers in turn feel that “need” cannot be eased until you fulfill your intent. This anxiety reactive response through urge fulfillment for some over rides compassion and concern for others. For example, if financial woes are a piece of the puzzle, a person may feel their only way to help their financial concern is to purchase expensive sneakers and sell them for more money.
  5. Holiday times and large events exacerbate any pre-existing condition. The concept of the mob (mob/group think) plays a role in one’s behavior.

Of course these insights are not intended to diagnose any one particular person nor a group of people participating in the same behavior. Rather my concepts are intended to offer theory and perspective on a subject, a hot topic in the news, to help people to make sense of behavior that appears to the observer to make no sense. As stated in my first book release: The 9 Key Techniques for Raising Respectful Children, “all behavior makes sense in context”, if we can understand the context of a person’s behavior, it is then that we can solve the problem.

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