Tips For Sticking To New Year’s Resolution- FOX 25 and 96.9

New Years ResolutionsHuman behavior expert and psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin who provides ‘real solutions for real life problems’ shared her 5 concrete and doable tips for sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions on FOX 25 News Boston and 96.9 Boston Talks; The Doug Meehan Show.

View Maria Stephanos of FOX 25 News Boston’s interview with me, your very own, mental health expert Dr. Karen Ruskin and learn how to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions and make it a long term life style change.

Listen to my interview on 96.9 Boston Talks where Doug Meehan asked me pointed questions about human behavior that men and women want to know the answers to in its connection to New Year’s Resolution success. Click the play button below to listen on demand.

To my readers, a 2012 gift of words from me to you:

Appreciate the little things, relish in the mini moments, verbalize your love, listen to your inner voice, acknowledge and take ownership of healthy shifts you can make, and take action in a forward positive direction by doing one thing per day for the growth of you, and one thing per day for the growth of those who you love, and one thing per day for relationship growth (e.g., parent-child relationship, marital relationship and more). Happy 2012!

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