Marriage Proposals – Is There A Right Vs. Wrong Way?

Marriage Proposals – is there a right way vs. a wrong way? With celebrity George Clooney in the news recently discussing his proposal, WWL-AM/FM radio host Tommy Tucker, called upon my expertise as a relationship and marriage counselor to discuss the topic of: Marriage Proposals.

In summary: whether it is the way in which you propose, when you propose, buying the ring… and all of the subjects within the overall category of marriage proposals- I shared on air that there is no cookie cutter approach. Knowing thyself and one’s mate, having open communication, recognizing expectations, wants and needs, and assuring that both the hubby-to-be and wifey-to-be have their voices heard, is imperative.

If you find this topic of interest, and wish to listen to my interview now available on demand (original LIVE air date: 5/21/15), click on the following link and note that my interview begins at the 12 minute and 44 second mark: Marriage Proposals.

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