Mental Health Tips – Inspirational and Motivational – Book Signing

Mental Health Tips

My book: ‘10 Seconds To Mental Health‘ I have been told by those who read it, that it is inspirational and motivational. Specifically those who read it report that the tips I provide are clear, concrete and do-able action items which can be taken each day. Whether a person needs a jump start to their day, looking for a personal tip to feel uplifted and positive, or yearning to improve their relationship with their mate, longing to enhance the parent-child relationship, or in need of a professional change or longing for growth in any area of their life – that’s what my newest book is all about. Everyone wants a quick fix, right? Well, here’s what I have to say about that. All it takes is 10 seconds to read one of my mental health tips. That’s it, 10 seconds! That’s quick right? It is your choice to then take action on those tips. 10-Seconds-To-Mental-Health-125x125

I say; take my mental health challenge! Do you want 1 tip? 2? 3? How many days worth of do-able action oriented advice do you want? I provide 200+ tips in this easy read book, and each tip you are welcome to repeat as often as you desire.

Book Signing

On Sunday May 17th 2015 I will be holding a book signing for ‘10 Seconds To Mental Health‘ at the Barnes & Noble in Walpole Massachusetts (Walpole Mall). I will be there from 2pm until 3pm. In addition, in honor of mental health awareness month, I will be answering attendees mental health questions. Come on by just to say ‘hi’, if you’d like.


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