New Hampshire Boy Shoots Himself- FOX Boston Interview

14 year old New Hampshire boy shoots himself in the face in school cafeteria! This is the reality of a true story discussed on FOX 25 News Boston that no child nor parent should ever hear, let alone see! Such a trauma. I invite you to view this informative interview where I shared my insights. In addition, provided below are several helpful points of interest if you wish to learn more from the mind of this psychotherapist.

  1. We must hear the voice of our children, even if they are not “our” children, if we are to stop self harm, harming of others, and the intense emotional pain that leads some to even consider these hurtful behaviors as options.
  2. If you are a child and someone you know shares with you the feeling of wanting to hurt their own self or another, do not be afraid to share this information with an adult you trust. I have seen this time and time again where there are children who share their discoveries and it is those children who are helped and saved. It is much more often then not for a child who is considering suicide articulates these thoughts to another prior to acting on them.  Typically there are warning signs!
  3. For children and adults who have witnessed such tragedy many may experience symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress reaction. For example, some symptoms may include but are not limited to; distressing recollections and/or dreams of the event, feeling as if the traumatic event were recurring, a sense of reliving the experience, diminished interest or participation in significant activities, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and exaggerated startle response.The myth is that the reaction is immediate. Shock and disbelief are often the immediate response for some and it is not until they have had time to process and digest the reality of what happened that they experience symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It can be several months later. Depression is an example of another experience a person may have post such a traumatic experience. There are some children who experience the reaction of  a new found appreciation for what they have in their life and wanting to assure they live and enjoy every minute of their life. Some children become more sensitive to other children’s emotions after such an event. There are some adults who may alter their conversations with their children and become more attentive and nurturing realizing how emotionally vulnerable our youth can be.
  4. It is imperative as parents to keep the lines of communication open with your children and keep your eyes and ears open to what they are feeling.
  5. If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal reach out for help. There are many wonderful resources available to help. The following are just but a few;  American Association For Marriage And Family Therapy has resources, helpful articles, and lists of available therapists, National Suicide Prevention Life Line also has resources, as well as Psychology Today.
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