Patriots Have A Moment Of Silence For Ezra Schwartz

My blog today is simply a brief commentary to share how touched I am by Bob Kraft’s decision.

It was just the other day that I attended the funeral of Ezra Schwartz along with thousands of others here in our small town of Sharon Massachusetts. Here in Sharon, the town Ezra Schwartz grew up in, the town his family lives in, it was extremely touching, more than touching, it was meaningful and truly a big deal that the Patriots held a moment of silence for this young man killed due to an act of terrorism while he was in Israel. Through my lens as a Psychotherapist, I must say that to have such a loss be honored publicly in a sports arena is of such therapeutic value for many as so many people are touched by this tragedy. As people try to cope, survive and thrive in a time of such pain – what Bob Kraft did, well, thumbs up.

Sharon – the next town over from where the Patriots play. To have Bob Kraft make such a decision that was kind, compassionate and brave is profound, in a climate where many fear speaking up. In a culture where too many simply turn their eyes and bury their head in the sand to what is before them. We must all stand together against the atrocity of terrorism. How we do that, in what form we do that, is not the same person to person. For Bob Kraft to have honored this boy was not only special for his family, for our small town, and for our community – it was special for our country.

We here in Sharon come together as a community in mourning, we help this family cope with this tragedy in our support, and we help ourselves confront and cope with the pain and tragedy that terrorism exists by standing together.

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