Patriot’s Win- Divine Intervention? Paterno’s Death- Broken Heart?

As The Doug Meehan Show’s go-to mental health expert when they wish to understand the human psyche, who do they call but your very own, Dr. Karen Ruskin. During a live interview today Doug and I explored two interesting topics: 1) The Patriots win and the theory of divine intervention, and 2) Joe Paterno’s death, and whether a person can literally die of a broken heart. Let us take a brief sneak peak right now into a little bit of what was discussed today.

The Patriots Win and The Theory of Divine Intervention:

It is natural for humans to wish to make sense of why things happen the way they do. During this interview I considered the example of the Patriot’s win, and took it to a meta-level. Specifically, from an analytical perspective, we as humans feel a sense of control when we have a reason as to why things happen the way they do. I shared that one’s mind typically chooses between 3 mental choices /theories when making sense of why things happen:

  1. Self Blame – I am the reason why this happened.
  2. Random- Things happen out of my control.
  3. Divine Intervention- Some higher force is looking out for me.

Joe Paterno’s Death- Can a Person Die of a Broken Heart?:

Having a broken heart in and of itself is not the cause of death¬†per-say. Rather, various studies have shown that stress, depression, anxiety, and more . . . does indeed affect one’s physical health. Specifically the mind and the body are connected. When suffering over an extensive period of time, certainly emotional pain eats away at one’s emotional and physical well being.

For on demand listening to this interview to learn more about what was discussed under these two topic headers, click the play button below.

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