Your Time With Kim: Relationship Expert Answers Questions

Your Time With Kim, a nationally syndicated radio show called upon this relationship expert, Dr. Karen Ruskin, to share my insights and answer important relationship questions during their ‘Drama Detox’ segment.  This interview took place live Tuesday evening, January 24th 2012 at 10 PM EST.

My recently released new book; Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, as seen on FOX News Channel’s FOX & Friends, was discussed throughout the interview where I offered information directly from the book to help listeners learn doable strategies to implement immediately along with comprehensive insights.

A few of the topics I addressed live on air taken from my book included:

  1. The #1 married sex question and complaint by men and women along with the answer.
  2. The #1 sign, while dating a man, that he is more likely to be a cheater upon marriage then not.
  3. The 2 proven techniques for a lasting relationship you can implement right now. If your partner or spouse you think is cheating on you, but they won’t admit it and none of your snooping has proven cheating, these 2 techniques are what you can do to take ownership of making choices to help this relationship thrive.

In addition, it was wonderful to have had the opportunity to answer the questions of call-ins. A few of the call-ins included as follows:

One caller reported that after a few dates his girlfriend said she was not ready for exclusivity but then he found out she started dating someone in addition to him. The question explored was whether this is a clear case that she is just not that in to him or if this is how some people figure out who and what they want.

Climaxing prior to his girlfriend’s sexual fulfillment was the concern for another caller where I shared that all relationships are on a  journey of finding their couple’s “sexual style”. I explained the importance of discussing/communicating together about the sexual relationship.

Another caller reported that his partner often flirts on line and he wonders if that is “innocent fun” or cheating? With this caller I shared my belief that we are in a relationship revolution in the process of re-defining what is a relationship and what is cheating in a technological world.

An engaged woman called in reporting experiencing enjoying dancing with another man. Her admittance that she has been thinking about this other man ever since and trying to find out information about him on Facebook led to a discussion of what is considered emotional cheating versus normal and healthy fantasy and erotic feelings about another. Where is that line drawn and has she stepped over that line was explored.

Another caller reported the belief that his wife is cheating. We explored what concrete steps he can take and what to say to his wife.

If you wish to hear this 30 minute interview now, click the play button below for on demand listening:

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