Politicians and Marital Affairs- Should it Matter?

As a marriage and relationship expert I am often interviewed by various media outlets for my insights. Katherine Weber, writer for The Christian Post interviewed this psychotherapist for an article she was writing on politicians and marital affairs and the connection to voter’s opinion. Her article focused primarily on Newt Gingrich’s past affair with a woman 23-years his junior, who he ended up marrying. One of Katherine’s many thought provoking questions she asked included if I thought presidential runners can win back the heart of their voters in light of past transgressions. I explained; “perhaps we have become such a forgiving people that candidates do not have to jump through hoops to win back the hearts of their voters.” I further stated that “because affairs are quickly shooting into the majority it is becoming more accepted as a given.”

I invite you to read this article in full: Will Gingrich Have to Jump Through Hoops to Win the Evangelical Women Voters?

Provided below are three additional talking points I wish to share from this marriage therapist to my readers:

  1. Extramarital affairs are immoral, hurtful, and traumatic both in its affect on the spouse and the couple unit.
  2. Affairs continue to become more of the considered norm to where far too many women and men are forced to: a) accept that an affair is common and thus live with it, b) put their head in the sand and live in denial, or c) get a divorce. Due to this very fact, couples of our generation are evaluating and re-evaluating whether to consider an affair divorce worthy if it happens to them, and if it is of significance as a deciding component in choosing the president. Is there another choice such as being more attentive to the marriage? I say; yes! Water the plan of marriage each day! In my newest recently released book: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, as seen on FOX News Channel’s FOX & Friends, I offer concrete advice on how to prevent cheating, 6 signs to tell if your spouse is cheating AKA The Cheater Meter, do-able techniques to help marriages last, enhance, and be a happy and healthy couple-hood. Take a sneak peak to find out more about my cutting edge marriage book, or for a signed copy you may order Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual now.
  3. Voters are confronted with the question: “If a presidential runner is secretive, skilled at deception (the wife does not know about the affair and/or affairs), and disloyal to his wife – then how can I as the voter trust this person will not deceive me, be dishonest to me, betray me?” Because affairs are quickly shooting into the majority it is becoming more accepted as a given, and thus the voters are forced to decide whether what a person does in their private/personal life is not an indicator nor should have relevancy to the person he is as a professional . . . or should it. Yet, we all know somewhere deep within, whether we admit it or not; a person’s personal choices cannot not be intertwined with one’s professional choices. Can it?

So I ask you, should a politician’s marital affair matter? Does it matter?

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