Politicians and Infidelity – Is Cheating Preventable?

Politicians, celebrities, and infidelity, are these three words now a constant or have they always gone hand in hand for far too many? Is cheating preventable? Who is the current politician and/or celebrity talked about in all forms of media (TV, Radio, Print) about a present and/or past sexual indiscretion either with admittance to or considered alleged? Cain? Gingrich?  Who will be the next? How many affairs and sex scandals can you name just in the past few months? Answer; good grief, far too many indeed. Past, present, and future – this topic continues. There may not be many sure things in life, there is one thing that is for sure; there is always a politician and/or celebrity who has had an affair, is having an affair, or will have an affair, and/or is accused of having an affair. Those in the public eye are not alone! It is the everyday person that experiences this too; the non political figure nor celebrity who either is, was, or will have an affair and whose spouse is accusing them as such. Is marital infidelity an epidemic? Why do people cheat?

There are those who are often referred to as very smart who cheat (Gingrich), just as there are those who may not be considered as smart who cheat. There are those who are considered quite powerful who cheat (Clinton), and there are those who are not considered so powerful and cheat. There are those who are rich and cheat and those who cheat who are poor. There are people who are considered visually attractive who cheat (Kutcher) and those who are not considered so attractive who cheat. There are those who consider themselves religious who cheat and there are those who are not considered religious who cheat . . . Does cheating hold no bounds? Often the question people ask is; why does a smart person do something so stupid? Why does a religious person do something so, well, not religious like . . . immoral.

A few examples of marital infidelity that led to much public discussion includes the following. Many asked; why would a person at the peak of their career negatively affect themselves personally and professionally (e.g., Weiner)? Why would someone who seems to have such a great life have an affair (remember the Jesse James scenario when he cheated on Sandra Bullock as well as the case of  Schwarzenegger and Shriver)? There are even those who cheat while their wife is ill (John Edwards). I still shake my head in dismay, it is almost humorous (if that were possible) in its level of lack of morals when Clinton said; “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky”. Seriously? Come on now. Yes, even after all this time that quote is ingrained in my brain.

There are those who admit to their actions immediately when caught, others lie at first and then switch their story when so many facts come out that they feel they must admit to the truth, and then there are those who hold their position that they did not do any wrong doings no matter what information is presented to them.

The Christian Post yesterday, December 2nd 2011 included an article by Katherine Weber entitled; Politics and Infidelity: Weighing Politicians’ Public Lives and Public Approval as well as on December 1st 2011 entitled; Will Gingrich Have to Jump Through Hoops to Win Evangelical Women Voters? Both interesting articles exploring the theme of politicians’ infidelity included quotes from this marriage therapist/relationship expert, check them out.

Recently I appeared on FOX News Channel’s FOX & Friends discussing The Cheater Meter. In my newest cutting edge book: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, I include a section where I share my insights on marital infidelity entitled; ‘The Cheater Meter’ where I describe the 6 signs of a cheater, the formula for how to prevent yourself and your spouse from cheating, why men and women cheat, and the 4 character traits that allow you to know if the person you are with pre-marriage is likely to cheat once married. During my FOX & Friends interview I shared 4 of the 6 signs of a cheater. Check out my FOX 25 News appearance where I share the 3 Key ingredients to create and maintain a healthy long lasting marriage along with 2 concrete techniques. Take a sneak peak in to what are some of the additional topics in Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, or to purchase a signed copy to discover all 6 signs, prevention methods, communication strategies, techniques for marital enhancement, and more.

Have you thought about the questions I asked in this blog? Do you have any answers? Rich or poor, sick or healthy, smart or not, powerful or not, successful or not, attractive or not, religious or not, cheating is the beast within all of these topic headers. Choosing not to cheat is within your power, it is preventable and it has always been a marital problem, still is, and always will be unless my formula for marital infidelity prevention is implemented, as shared in; Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual.

Cheating is an epidemic and getting worse. Combine the following ingredients;  impulsiveness + me, me, me thinking + escape-ism of feelings + lack of interaction style of communication dialogue solution resolution skills + entitlement mentality + lack of interest in entering another’s reality + listening to one’s inner ‘id’ vs. ‘ego’ + externalization + the more people cheat and it is publicized, the more accepted an unacceptable act becomes =  it is no wonder why affairs are rapidly becoming the majority. These are just but a few ingredients to this puzzle, there are more, imagine that.

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