True Intentions: Not Revealed Until Matched

Can you imagine a world where with just the click of a button you can tell someone you like them, find them attractive, would like to have dinner with them, and/or are interested in dating them? Imagine if in this new world you can express your ‘true intentions’ without any risk of embarrassment, rejection or without the risk of damaging your relationship if the other person does not share your same intentions.  What if all this was possible in this new relationship world? I ask you; would you like to live in such a relationship world?

With a new technological innovation that is about to be introduced, this new relationship world may indeed be on the way.  A Facebook app has been created for expressing your ‘true intentions’ for your Facebook friend. If your true intentions match with your friend’s true intentions then you are both notified privately. If your intentions for each other do not match, then nobody knows about the other’s intentions thus saving any awkwardness between the two. Sharing your intentions is not always easy when you are single and navigating the waters of relationships. As a relationship expert, I am not surprised that with this generation of youth growing up with social media as the norm, relationships and technology are coming together to help people to make connections. Technology, more and more everyday, is becoming a forum to express your emotions and interact with others. We are in a relationship revolution. Social media is re-defining what is considered a friend, a relationship, even what is considered cheating. As the author of my newest cutting edge release: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, as seen on FOX News Channel’s FOX & Friends, I include a portion on social media and its relevancy in marriages.

It is my belief, that as a culture, we are re-evaluating not only what a relationship is, but how to exist within, be in, and communicate in our relationships. With the invention of trint, this new Facebook app offers people the opportunity to feel emotionally safe when sharing their intentions with another. The reason: when they click a button, to express their true intention (AKA: trint), the only way the recipient actually knows about this true intention is if they too click the same button thereby setting a trint for you. For the past eighteen years, I have been providing counseling, answering questions, providing advice and doable techniques for those who long to have a relationship that fills their soul. Once this app becomes available I can see the benefit it will serve for those in the dating world. The relationship and mental health expert within me finds this fascinating technology indeed.

The creator of trint currently envisions this technology as appealing to college students.  As a relationship expert, I must admit, although it is initially targeted to college students, and I can see how much the college age crowd would enjoy and find value in using the trint app, I can also see how men and women in their 30′s and 40′s in the dating market might find this new app helpful. For example, colleagues at the office may be uncomfortable expressing their true intentions out of concern it will ruin a working friendship/relationship. Sending a trint is a safe way to stick your toe in the water.

This new Facebook app is currently not available to the public as it currently is in beta testing atBabsonCollegeenjoying much success. It has recently been introduced at theWellesley business school and will be rolled out to other schools in early 2012.

If you wish to read an article about check out the Boston Herald, article by Donna Goodison.

If you wish to learn more about the trint project check out their website:

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