Psychotherapist Thanks FOX News – American Dream Come True

How often do we take a moment to thank someone, let alone an entire organization for playing such a significant role in helping to fulfill one’s passion? How often do we take the time to express our thanks, our appreciation to those who have played a part in helping one’s self to fulfill one’s dream, one’s desire, one’s goal? Today I will do such a thing. Today, this Psychotherapist is shouting from the rafters, well, my version of it anyway, through the use of the pen, oh wait, did I just age myself? Through the use of social media rather, I am taking a moment to thank FOX News for providing me the vessel of which my goal, my passion, and my personal professional American Dream has come true and continues to. My goal is to provide thought provoking insights and practical therapeutic tips from the the lens of a mental health angle in response to timely topics on air for the masses, in an effort to help people to help themselves get to a better place. July 9th 1970 was the day of my birth. As one’s birthday approaches, it is a great time to reflect upon one’s life. As I type this, a few days before my 44th birthday which is July 9th 2014, I offer this blog as a sharing moment of my reflection, specifically my appreciation for what FOX News has offered me so that I may do what I am most passionate about doing for the many.  

Hello. My name is Dr. Karen Ruskin. I am a Psychotherapist/Marriage and Family Therapist who has been providing counseling, solution focused talk therapy for couples, individuals and families since 1993. I am a business owner and founder of a mental health and wellness counseling practice based in Sharon, Massachusetts. I adore what I do every day. It is incredible the profound impact artful conversation, dialogue, and meaningful insightful tips and strategies can do to help people to help themselves on their life journey. I am blessed to do something I love to do for 20+ years, and hopefully 20+ more.

In addition, I am the author of: 10 Seconds To Mental Health (release Nov 2014), Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, and 9 Key Techniques For Raising Children. I am also a highly regarded speaker. Dr Karen on FOX and Friends discussing the cheater meter & Dr. Karen's Marriage Manual

I am a wife, married my college sweetheart (met in 1988, married in 1994), and I am blessed to be a mother.

Now that you know a little bit about me, let’s get into the soul of today’s blog which is: A BIG thank you to FOX News for the role you have played in providing the vessel for not only my passion to become a reality, also, for providing the opportunity for so many people to receive the most cutting edge mental health and wellness insights.

Thank you FOX News, for opening your doors to me, a mental health professional, which has allowed many people to receive information that they would never have received, had I not been called upon to share my insights on air.

TV: Activity Of Passion

When it comes to sharing insights to the masses via television from the lens of a mental health and wellness angle, FOX News is the entity that gave me my shot, that provided me with this opportunity, and continues to do so.  Sharing cutting edge insights on air is a genuine thrill for me, a passion, an honor, and my favorite activity. My son loves to snowboard, play baseball, fish, and play football. Ah, glorious activities for a child. When we become adults, do we still have activities that we love? Some of us do, some of us are missing that in our life and it is a blessing for those of whom do. Find your adult activity, it is wonderful to have such a thing as it is nourishing.

dr-karen-on-cavuto-separate-bank-accountsFor me, to be able to touch the lives of the many through the art of entertainment on air, is an amazing opportunity for it is what I love to do, the activity that I truly adore. Sharing and offering thoughts and ideas that may be quite different than what one would typically have thought about, that other guests are not sharing, is a joy for me. The very idea that I can touch but one life, and on television it is the masses, and that something I say can play a part in the expansion of what one knew moments ago to something more, well, that is truly exciting to me.

Providing unique insights in reaction to today’s timely topics that leads to dialogue between people is a complete thrill for me.

Local Community Cable TV – Sharon Massachusetts

In 2003 I created and produced a TV show on the community cable network in the town I am based; Sharon Massachusetts. As the producer, director, and host of this show: ‘The Dr. Karen Show, for several years, each week for 30 minutes I would provide on air concrete insights, tips and techniques for self help. Topics focused on: Marriage, Parenting, Mental Health, Relationships, Family, Personal Growth, Professional Growth, and more… In addition, I would provide interviews of other professionals in varied professions. These days, in order to balance all of my interests, I have decreased how often I create a show on community TV, and thus I create one new episode seasonally, as the station kindly plays in re-runs.

FOX News Boston

V-day Ask Dr KIn 2005 I had my first opportunity to appear on FOX Boston’s Evening News. A talented anchor back then saw something in me and a producer who was open minded – is what opened the door to that first appearance. To have been given a chance to appear as a Psychotherapist Guest Expert was an honor and a gift. To date, I still see every on air appearance as an honor and a gift. The gift is that I get to do what I love. Over time since that first appearance, I became to date, FOX 25’s morning and evening News regular Psychotherapist Guest Expert as their reliable go-to doc. I am honored! In 2012 I proposed a segment idea where viewers can submit their relationship questions and I would answer them LIVE on air. A forward thinking producer saw the idea as valuable for the public and took action for it to be approved. Thus, in addition to being FOX 25’s regular mental health guest expert in the AM and PM weighing in on timely topics in the news, the Summer of 2012 for the morning show we started the regular relationship Q & A segment that is still going strong called: ‘Ask Dr. Karen’. Parenting, Marriage, Dating, . . .  anything goes. In addition to answering viewers’ questions on air, this segment also provides for my insights on timely studies and hot topics in the news. Hernandez 2 The feedback I receive from the public is phenomenal. I am so happy to touch the lives of so many. A dream come true indeed.

FOX News Channel’s National Shows

In 2011 I had my first opportunity to appear on FOX News nationally. I appeared on The O’Reilly Factor in a debate with Dr. Keith Ablow discussing Charlie Sheen. If you recall it was during that time period that Charlie appeared to be having a break down of sorts. I shared that I felt the media was treating Charlie Sheen “like a monkey in a zoo”. From there, I had more national FOX News opportunities to date in addition to continuing to appear on O’Reilly’s show, I also have appeared on: Your World With Neil Cavuto, Hannity, America’s News HQ, America’s Newsroom, LIVE with Megyn Kelly (this program is no longer on air), FOX & Friends First, FOX & Friends Weekend, and The Willis Report which also includes my appearances on FOX Business Network. I continue to be called upon for my mental health expertise on FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network, with an upcoming special report on Stossel’s show in the works this month of July 2014. I am honored and truly appreciate FOX News’s belief in me to provide thought provoking entertaining education with my unique take.


Missing Plane w handI invite you to check out my interviews on demand: Dr. Karen Ruskin’s TV InterviewsSean Hannity And Dr. Karen Ruskin

Additional National Networks

I have also appeared occasionally on other networks including ABC’s Good Morning America, Lifetime, Discovery Network, and coming out the summer of 2014; MTV. I adore all of my experiences and feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to touch the lives of the many.

Without my experiences and media presence on FOX News, I wonder, would I ever have had these other opportunities on other networks? Perhaps not, for it was my appearances on FOX News Boston, which led FOX News national to know I had the skill to be on air. It was my appearances on the national FOX network that led additional networks to learn of my national appearance success. FOX gave me the chance, and continues to actively call upon me. I value their open mind to my unique insights.

I Am A Regular Gal – Who Has Drive, Determination, Passion, And Strong Beliefs

Who has provided me consistent opportunity? FOX News! Why? Who am I?  I am a regular gal who grew up in a 2 bedroom home with 1 bathroom with her parents and brother in Queens NY. I did not grow up wealthy. I did not grow up learning about how to be a business woman. I did not grow up with media connections. As a teen, my parents had a wall build-out in our home so I could have my own room, and that room was the size of a small closet. Did I feel cramped? No. I loved my space, I did not view it as small in a negative way. It was my cozy room where I would write in a journal my thoughts about the world, I would stay up all hours of the night analyzing with friends. It was my room where I could creatively play, think and feel. I was loved growing up, loved by my parents who believed in me. Their emotional support of my interests provided me with a base of confidence to achieve.

complaining parentsAs a youngster I always adored analyzing and the performance arts. That was my 2 favorite interests. I went from my modest upbringing as I was raised by a stay at home mother, and a father who was a NYC Police detective, to finding my way to accomplish all the things I dreamed of and more. How did I accomplish all that I have? How did I become a business owner? An author? How did I get on TV, and then on TV again and again becoming a reliable TV Psychotherapist guest expert? How did I become a reliable go-to source for many magazines and  newspapers often interviewed and quoted (e.g.,  FOX News Magazine, FOX Business, TIME, Shape, Good HouseKeeping, Parents, WebMD,, Woman’s Day, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, WSJ, Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, and more . . .). The answer is not that I knew someone in “the business”. The answer is not that I had a friend or a family member in the media industry. The answer is not that I had a public relations specialist or an agent contacting FOX News nor the radio nor print media on my behalf. The answer is that I had me, and I pushed and pushed, and I still push. I had and continue to have my passion, desire, lofty ideas, stick to it-ness, focus, hard work, effort, reliability, availability, my say yes attitude, and I never gave up nor give up. FOX News appreciates hard work, and I appreciate them.dr-karen-tv-interviews-page-April-1-2013

Achieve Your Dreams/Don’t Let Challenges Stop You – The Formula For Success

Parents, if your children have a dream, a passion, a goal, interests – be supportive emotionally as it truly is so significant in helping them to believe in themselves. Whether you are an adult or a child, I say to you: if you have a vision, a genuine passion, I do not have to tell you not to give up and to give it your all, because you will. The intensity I have and focus, the high energy and passion to do, even when there are not enough hours in the day – that is what you need if you want to get to where you want to be. No one is going to hand you something without working for it. Well, ok, that does happen for some. But don’t expect that and live life with that philosophy if you want to get somewhere special. Most of us as we go through our life journey, we experience tragedies, traumas, challenges and obstacles. It is how we cope, adapt, handle, and move on from those very challenges that either helps us to thrive or do less than survive. Fight or flight? Do you drown in challenges or do you put on your big boy/big girl panties and rise to the occasion?

Many years ago I was in a serious accident to where the question as to whether I was going to live or die was on the table. Once it became apparent that I was going to live, the question remained what type of life would I have going forward? How injured was I? Would I breathe on my own? Would I be able to walk? Etc. I can remember when I went back to work I was sitting with pillows under me and on the side of me as I could barely move, as I spoke with my clients in session. I showed by example the lesson I have been teaching for years which is: achieve, accomplish, fight for yourself, and make it happen.

Bounce forward post your life challenges.

So, what’s the formula for success? The answer is: fight, passion, drive, keep on going, desire, work hard, don’t give up, believe in yourself, reliability. If you are looking for concrete tips to achieve your goals, or tips to help your children be dream achievers, check out my blog: Accomplishing Your Goals!

Access Your Creativity – The Love Of It

Several years ago when I first started writing my blog on my website it was because I had ideas in my head and I wanted a place to put them, a place to share what I thought was important information. Creative thoughts, insights and opinions. Thoughts I wanted to share with the masses. In the beginning the masses would not be many of course, but . . .  over time, the numbers multiplied dramatically. Even if I touch but 1 life, I am thrilled. And I know many are touched. I receive many emails in response to the various blogs I write. It is such a gift to know that I am touching the lives of so many. Man or woman, when I receive an email informing me that something I wrote (e.g., parenting tip, marital advice, techniques for mental wellness, etc.) helped them, that they identified with and felt heard – oh how amazing that is.

Post many of my TV appearances, radio and print media contributions, I write a blog in an effort to provide further information to expand upon my interview. As I do so adore providing educational information. Over time from posting so often, and offering therapeutic insights and practical tips, more and more people read my blog. To date I am considered a top relationship expert blogger, high on the search engines I am told. And I am not a tech-gal, though I have learned how far reaching my writings are to where I am often contacted by others who wish to be a guest blogger on my site. FB Sorboni&DrK

Too many people don’t do things out of fear, or because they don’t see what they are going to get out of taking time out of their day to do. Each time I write a blog, each time I post a mental heath tip (Dr. Karen’s Tip Of The Day – of which I am in the process of compiling all of my tips that I have posted on twitter to date, to put in a book form. A tip a day keeps the doctor away, lol, get it? A play on “an apple a day . . . .”. Well, I still need a title, something simple like: ‘Dr. Karen’s Mental Health Tips’. Hm, perhaps? Or, ‘A Tip A Day’. Hm, maybe. Eh, I shall see, it’s a work in process), each time I appear on TV, the radio, or take time out to do a print media interview- I post my contributions on my website out of pure passion and drive. What do I get from taking the time to write a blog expanding upon my media contribution, post a mental health tip on twitter, or post on Facebook? No, not money, guest experts and those who post about their appearances don’t get paid. (Although many people think to the contrary). I do this out of passion, love, interest and drive.  I get to do what I love. I get paid by going to work everyday and seeing my clients – that’s my job. That’s how I put food on the table, have a home to live in . . .  If you make all decisions outside of your work based upon money, or not do something based upon fear, or thinking that you can never get what you hope to get so you have a “why bother trying” attitude, then you are mistaken. Making time for the things you are passionate about builds your passion muscle and your energy muscle, and your muscle of joy of life, it does not take away from you. Please don’t confuse my message in thinking all people are passionate about their job. Some are not. But, that does not mean don’t work. Work is imperative for one’s mental wellness! While working discover your passion and live it while working. If you are passionate about your work, that is wonderful, if not, do not let that stop you from achieving other aspects of your life while working.

The only way to get on base it to get off the bench of life and get up to bat. If you do not step up to the plate there’s never the opportunity to hit a home run. So, step up to the plate of life!

Work Hard – No Entitlement Thinking

I will tell you from my personal experience, dreams do come true, and you need to work your butt off with consistency to make it happen.  No one is going to just give you something easy, no, it takes effort and then some. And if you believe in yourself and don’t give up – you can not just survive in this life, you can thrive. Teach your kids that, no more of this entitlement generation crap, “I deserve therefore I should have” as an attitude is ugly and nonsense. We all are deserving, but does that mean we get? We receive? No. Work for it! That’s the message from me to you.

FOX Gets A Bad Rap – Politics . . . 

Through the vessel of TV, FOX News in particular, as they consistently offer me the opportunity to touch the lives of others by sharing my insights, I receive the gift to provide educational entertainment. This entertainment art offers me the opportunity to touch the lives of the many in a way that no one else can. Each therapist, each person is unique. Therefore, my insights, analysis and tips are like no others. At social events I am often asked if I have to alter what I say since I am on FOX. I must tell you, FOX gets a bad rap that way. People often view FOX through the lens of politics. I will tell you – no, never! I have never ever been told how to think nor what to say. I was never asked what my political beliefs are. FOX has me on for they are genuinely interested in providing their viewers with mental health information that is cutting edge. Each and every show I have appeared on, on the FOX News Network, is a platform for which I have the opportunity to share my thoughts.Dr Karen on O'Reilly Factor discussing mental health of Occupy Wall Street protestors

I do not provide therapy services on air, that I have the gift of doing in my office. Television provides the opportunity for me to offer therapeutic insights that people can chew on, take in, or throw away. Whatever the topic may be, there are those who will agree with my stance, those who disagree, those who will be nasty in reaction, those who will provide positive feedback whose lives have been touched in a positive way, and those who take a moment to process what has been shared and perhaps have walked away with something different, something new.

My passions in my youth found their way into my reality as an adult. Not magically, rather by hard work and effort every day, and a network that opened their doors, and continues to so kindly provide me the platform to do what I love. A mental health professional who sees things differently at times than others in her field – that’s me, and I am honored to come into your home through the TV. I have FOX News to thank for that.

Is Not The American Dream About Achieving?

fox-america-live-weiners-wifes-responseHannity Doctor SummitThis is my story, or a small piece of it anyway. Thank you FOX News Boston (where I am based). Thank you FOX News Channel as a whole and thank you FOX Business Network. Thank you to the producers and hosts of the shows I have appeared on to date. In essence, thank you FOX for opening the door and keeping it open thus far. The gift to date I have received from FOX, allows me to do what I adore. And oh what a birthday gift year round this is. Sharing timely insights on hot topics in the news touching the lives of many is a gift. Thank you to those watching whose lives I have touched, for watching, and for all of your emails in response to my appearances. Your comments are much appreciated.

The producers, hosts, and guests I have met and had the privilege to date to work with, oh what a gift. Smart beautiful people of whom I am truly honored to work with. I hope I have the opportunity to continue to provide therapeutic insight and tips in response to today’s timely topics for many years to come. I am often told “Dr. Karen, you should have your own show”. I am humbled by this comment. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. What I have accomplished thus far touches my heart everyday, and I thank the FOX News organization for being open to a gal with lofty ambitions, strong opinions, and tells-it-like-it-is always from the heart.

May we all discover our passion- what’s yours? Take action today!

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