Scott Broadwell – Do Men Stand By Their Woman?

Scott Broadwell is not the first man nor will he be the last to stand by his woman post infidelity. As the relationship currently stands, as far as we the public know, he is standing by his woman Paula Broadwell post her affair with David Petraeus. Check out Marriage Therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin's insights on infidelity in her blog article and interview with WWL-AM/FM radio. Is it harder for a man to stay with a cheater than a woman? This question and more are answered.

The case of Scott and Paula Broadwell; a man standing by his woman after infidelity (currently as we the public know to date), is the chatter among the many. We know of many women in the news through the years who have stood by their man, but a man who stands by his woman – how often is this topic addressed? Not often indeed, well, in the news anyway. As a marriage therapist since 1993, I shall share that Scott is not the first man nor will he be the last that remains married (again, as far as things stand to date) post infidelity. During an interview this morning, November 20th, 2012 with WWL-AM/FM radio, Scoot (the host in for Tommy Tucker) asked several specific questions. Check out the questions below as well as listen to this interview available on demand.

Questions answered by Dr. Karen Ruskin during this interview:

  • How hard is it to stay with a cheater?
  • Is it harder for a man to stay with a cheater than a woman?
  • Is separation ever an excuse for cheating? (e.g., in the military therefore away from one’s spouse for extended periods of time).

In addition, during this interview we discussed:

  • Cheating is a choice from this relationship expert’s point of view, not human nature, as some suggest.
  • The difference between sex vs. connection.
  • Being emotionally divorced prior to requesting a divorce from one’s spouse.

I invite you to experience listening on demand to my concrete answers to these questions during this brief to-the-point interview: Do Men Stand By Their Women?

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