50 Shades of Grey – Huff Post Live With Dr. Karen Ruskin

Relationship Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin participates in a panel discussion on HUFF POST LIVE! Topic: 50 Shades of Grey - Positive or Negative Impact on Relationships? Check out this 30 minute LIVE discussion, now available for on demand viewing with host Abby Huntsman.

This relationship expert’s blog entitled: 50 Shades Of Grey – Relationship Expert Explains Obsession of which I wrote back in May of 2012 continues to get more reads per week then I ever could have imagined! Understandably as I concretely explained from a relationship expert/marriage therapist’s perspective why there is this obsession. It is this explanation which helps women understand themselves better and helps men understand women better.

Now, as the months have passed, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion this past week for Huff Post Live with host: Abby Huntsman. Specifically, the focus of the discussion was on whether the book ’50 Shades of Grey’ could truly have a negative or a positive relationship impact on couples. Check out this 30 minute panel discussion which provided differing perspectives.

Panel Participants:

  • Dr. Karen: Explained that it is not the “script” within the book, it is the underlying messages that hit home with so many women. There are many different ways of having emotional as well as sexual intimacy with one’s significant other/spouse; the book was of value for some and hurtful for others. Both realities have legitimacy.
  • Sheila: Reported the book is a “quick fix” for couples and does not provide for an intimate connection and disapproves.
  • Kim: Shared this book saved her marriage as it helped her to open up more and communicate better with her spouse.
  • Irina: Explained that the book helped her to recognize what she does not want.
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