Why Do Powerful Men Cheat? Relationship Expert Explains

With David Petraeus in the news this past week as another high profile powerful man who cheated on his wife, the topic of powerful men and infidelity is being discussed. Political, powerful, high profile men are terms that seem to run hand in hand. Why do powerful men cheat? This question was asked by anchor Mark Ockerbloom on FOX News Boston to relationship expert and psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin. Check out this insightful interview for the answer.

Why do powerful men cheat? David Petraeus is the most recent to join the fraternity of powerful men in the headlines who have cheated on their wife. Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenneger – just to name a few powerful men who have cheated on their wives, how many more can you name? The answer: many. It is not just some powerful men who cheat, there are men who are not powerful who cheat as well, and there are women who cheat too. Check out this relationship expert and Psychotherapist’s interview on FOX News Boston where I explain why.

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In addition, check out my blog article entitled: Politicians and Infidelity: Is Cheating Preventable? -where my interview with The Christian Post is also included.

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