Stop Arguing With Your Kids – Tips: Good Housekeeping With Dr. Karen Ruskin

What parent does not want concrete tips to help them to stop arguing with their kids? All parents at some time or another wish they had a tool box of doable techniques and strategies they can use to help navigate the journey of parenting. When it comes to arguing with our children, there is our impulse reaction, and then there are strategies that work effectively to stop the arguing, help develop a healthy parent-child relationship, and create a successful outcome.

Good Housekeeping Magazine during this beautiful month of September published an article that this Parenting and Relationship Expert was interviewed for and quoted in. Check out this helpful article written by journalist Charlotte Latvala which includes insights from various experts and learn tips for Stop Arguing With Your Kids. Don’t miss out where I share:

  • Visit the argument a day or two later.
  • Where and how to communicate a family team strategy plan for success.
  • The importance of and the reason behind why making eye contact and being physically close when communicating makes a difference.
  • No name calling/negatively labeling your children, rather use the method of positive re-frame.

Wish to learn more parenting techniques to have a healthy parent-child relationship? Want to develop children with self worth who are respectful and make responsible choices? There is no need for family disharmony when you have doable strategies. Check out my parenting book that offers real solutions for real life parenting challenges: 9 Key Techniques For Raising Respectful And Responsible Children.

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