Ask Dr. Karen – Parenting, Marriage, Relationships – Segment on FOX 25 News Boston

Word has rapidly been spreading about FOX 25 News Boston's newest segment: Ask Dr. Karen. Want to know more information about what relationship expert Dr. Karen Ruskin and FOX News Boston are up to? Check out this summary blog for the Intel.

Ask Dr. Karen is a regular Monday morning monthly segment on FOX 25 News Boston where Dr. Karen Ruskin shares her insights and concrete solution strategies/techniques as a credentialed and experienced relationship expert on varied topics. Parenting, marriage, children’s behavioral challenges, family, siblings, friendships, work, one’s own mental wellness (thus the relationship we have with our self) – anything goes! These are just but a few topics this Psychotherapist – Marriage and Family Therapist addresses LIVE on air!

What a privilege to have the opportunity to touch the lives of the many as it is my goal as a mental health and wellness professional to help people help themselves get to a better place. My style/approach is to offer real solutions for real life problems that can be implemented immediately with results.

How to submit your question:

With much appreciation to the viewers for their interest, Ask Dr. Karen is having it’s 3rd segment which airs Monday September 17th 2012. Boston native or not, viewers from all around may submit their relationship questions which go directly to me through various outlet choices:

Twitter, Facebook, Email: [email protected] or directly on the ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ form.

Of course, you are welcome to submit your question in the comment section of my blog as an added option or contact the FOX 25 Morning Team directly. Don’t worry if you miss the LIVE segment, I post all segments on my Ask Dr. Karen website so whatever state or country you live in, you do not have to miss out on concrete solution resolution methods for relationship challenges.

Wondering how a question gets chosen?

Dr. Karen and the FOX 25 Morning News Team involved in the production of this segment review the submitted relationship questions and narrow it down to their favorites. Then, the FOX 25 Morning Team shortly before the segment airs chooses their final few favorites, which are then asked to Dr. Karen LIVE.

What is YOUR relationship question? Don’t hesitate to ask, it just may be answered.

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