Teachers Having Sex With Their Students

Sex – Crazed Teachers, this is the subject that The Dr. Oz Show tackled and asked for my expertise as a psychotherapist, along with fellow panelists TV host Ashleigh Banfield and Attorney Elura Nanos. When it comes to teachers having sex with their students, adults having sex with children whether a teacher or not a teacher, I say: this is NOT ok! This is a sex crime! It is my strong opinion as a mental health professional, that when there is a power and age differential, that alone is a black and white clear cut, there is no grey area. Teachers absolutely should NOT be having ANY TYPE of sexual relationship with their students. The teacher-student relationship should be a sacred relationship. The adult-child power differential exists, it is real. 

Dr. Oz with TV host Ashleigh Banfield, Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin, Prosecutor Elura Nanos

The teacher is an educator, the student is the student. They are not friends, lovers or partners. This is a clear-cut distinction, yet painfully there are so many cases in the news reported as of late of teachers, male and female, having inappropriate sexual relations with their students. Through the years I have heard statements referring to the child as “an old-soul”. Statements made by teachers such as: “we are meant to be, age is just a number”. These are rationalizations to justify unacceptable behavior. Let’s keep our children’s emotional mental wellness safe!

If you are an adult having desire for a child, whether you are in the role as a teacher or any other role in your interactions with a child/children, please get help. It is not acceptable under any circumstances for you to engage in a sexual interaction with your student, with a child!

If you are a child that has been approached by a teacher, if you feel the relationship is crossing over the line of teacher-student relationship, please talk to your parents. Or in any other adult-child relationship, it is NOT healthy nor acceptable for an adult to have a sexual relationship with a child. Do not keep this secret to yourself. 

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