Why Are So Many Victims Of Sex Abuse Speaking Out Now?

Dr. Oz and Dr. Karen Ruskin

Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, Todd Bridges – these are just but a few names that are familiar to the public mostly as child actors, and as of late have become much talked about under the topic header: Sexual Abuse Allegations. On The Dr. Oz Show, in the past week alone Dr. Oz has provided his viewers with important information about sexual abuse, airing several different episodes addressing the topic of sexual abuse. I had the opportunity to participate in several of these segments on his show, to help the public understand more about this devastating trauma through my lens as a Psychotherapist. I invite you to learn more about sex abuse and check out my appearances on The Dr. Oz Show: Hollywood’s Sex Scandal & Sex Crimes. Corey Feldman speaking out has played a role in opening the door for others to speak out. As I stated on air during my interview as listed above: Hollywood’s Sex Scandal, there is a feeling of empowerment and courage in numbers. This fact plays a role in why so many victims of sex abuse are speaking out now. Once the door opens, others feel safe to share their story too. The trauma of sexual abuse is not a Hollywood thing, only and specifically. This tragedy occurs for far too many children in all walks of life.

This upcoming week on Monday 11/13 and Friday 11/17 I have the opportunity to provide further insight to the public answering Dr. Oz’s pointed and important questions, a few of which includes: 

  • Why do many who experienced sexual abuse as a child wait till they are older to speak out?
  • How can parents start the conversation with their children about the topic of sexual abuse, and what should they say?
  • Are there certain types of children that are targeted to be sexually abused? 


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