Why Do Sex Abuse Victims Take Many Years Before They Tell Their Trauma?

During a series of interviews on The Dr. Oz Show over the past two weeks, I, along with Dr. Oz’s panelists, discussed various topics under the overall header of: Sexual Abuse. Since those interviews aired, I have received an abundance of calls from victims of sexual abuse, now adults, sharing their story with me about their childhood trauma. The common theme is their appreciation that Dr. Oz is providing this forum of discussion. Many of them shared with me that one of the reasons they have kept their story for so long is because they did not know who would help them. If YOU or someone you know has experienced such a trauma, please seek out help. 

How to get help?

Contact your mental health insurance and ask for a list of names of mental health professionals in your area who specialize in trauma and/or sexual abuse. Another option is to speak with your primary care doctor and ask them for a name of a local Psychotherapist or Psychologist who they trust.

Why does it take so long for victims of sexual abuse to share their story?

One of the most recent interview segments addressed the question: why does it take some victims of sexual abuse so long to share their story? I, along with panelists Page Six Reporter Carlos Greer and Daily Mail Journalist Chris Spargo answered this question. If you missed this particular interview (as pictured above) discussing sexual abuse and pedophilia, here is a link for viewing on demand: Sharing your story of sexual abuse.

Additional Dr. Oz Interviews:

If you missed my other interviews on The Dr. Oz Show during this sexual abuse series and/or wish to learn more about this topic, I invite you to click on the links below:


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