Dr. Karen Ruskin, Psychotherapist

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Karen is passionate about helping people to help themselves get to a better place.

Dr. Karen and the skilled, licensed, and professional therapists at Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates, Inc., are vested in your care providing quality counseling services.

Dr. Karen has helped thousands of couples enhance their marriages, families resolve their conflicts, and individuals make significant long term life shifts since 1993, and continues to do so.

Dr. Karen’s approach is direct, she tells-it-like-it-is (way before this became a common phrase) with compassion, passion, and professionalism. With her solution focused philosophy and practical do-able tips, she believes change need not take years.

*  America’s Relationship Expert * Parenting Strategist * Behavior Analyst/Interventionist  * Advisor *

*  Psychotherapist  *  Author  *  Columnist  * Blogger * The Voice of Reason *

*  Mental Health Guest Expert for National, International and Local TV Programs, Radio and Print  *

*  Founder and Owner of Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates, Inc.  *

*  Speaker  *  Consultant  *  Coach  *

“There is a key for the right solution for each problem, I help people to help themselves to find that key and get to a better place.” –Dr. Karen

“When you self introspect, have true awareness, take action in your life, and work hard, along with motivation and determination, you are the one person that can be the difference that makes the difference that it takes to enhance your life and that of your loved ones.” –Dr. Karen