1460AM WXBR Radio- Book Tour Continues – Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual

Dr. Karen Ruskin’s book tour continues! Today, 11/9/11 I was interviewed on 1460 AM WXBR Radio Boston with host Francesca Bastarache discussing my newest release: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual. During this live interview I shared the results of one question from the married couples sex survey I developed of which is addressed in further detail in my new release. This particular question asked couples about whether or not their sexual fantasy has been fulfilled in their marriage.

Results: 20% as a combined total of married men and women reported that their spouse has fulfilled their sexual fantasy. Of course communicating your sexual fantasy with your spouse is the answer to not being another statistic. Do note: if you would like to read more details about this topic, find out the rest of the other topics discovered in the sex survey results, as well as discover the other topics covered in this cutting edge marriage manual including concrete solutions to the wide range of marriage situations that occur over the course of one’s marital journey, you are welcome to learn more by reading: Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual.

If you missed this live interview, additional topics covered that are in my cutting edge marriage manual in addition to sex included; communication techniques (e.g., The Blank-ity Blank Technique, page 139), as well strategies for a lasting marriage e.g., ‘Operation Appreciation’ (page 132). This technique is where you are mindfully aware each day of verbalizing your appreciation of your spouse to your spouse upon waking in the morning. Specifically state one thing you appreciate about them. Then, in the evening remind yourself of that special item. During this interview I also touched on some reasons why couples attend counseling and I shared that in Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual I offer concrete ‘home work’ assignments to offer couples who may not be in counseling the opportunity to receive direct information on how to help their couple-hood re-connect if they are in a troubled place. 40 concrete marriage must do’s, 29 marriage do not do’s are listed in this manual. All the marriage topics one needs to know are addressed in this book in a style that is an easy read.

Whether you are newly married and would like information to prevent the common pitfalls of marriage, are in a solid place in your marriage and wish for enhancement, or your marriage has been declining for years and you need answers for how to help your marriage, whether you have been married for several years or have been married for a long time, this book is from a genuine marriage expert. Of course Francesca could not help herself but to ask me how long I have been married, which quickly aged me, ah how the years do go fast. Also included was a discussion that myself and my colleagues at my group practice: Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates discuss therapeutic techniques when we have case consultation Рto have such a great group of therapists who value offering solutions to clients is a gift.

If you would like to take a sneak peak into what are some additional topics covered in Dr. Karen’s Marriage Manual, want to read testimonials, or wish to purchase a copy, click here.

Talk With Francesca airs every Wednesday noon till 1PM on 1460AM WXBR Radio.

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