Mental Health and Politics: FOX News Boston With Dr. Karen Ruskin

Who else but your very own local mental health and relationship expert Dr. Karen Ruskin, would view the 2 political parties through the lens of a mental health comparison? On Tuesday 11/8/11 on FOX 25 News Boston I was interviewed from the Beacon Hill Studio by Elizabeth Hopkins, AKA Lilly. This is not like any concept aired before as I offer a unique opportunity for self introspection and mindful awareness for people to consider what their mental health and wellness philosophy is by comparing the generally accepted political views per party .

During this interview  I compare the generally accepted political views per party if viewed through the eyes of one’s mental health and wellness philosophy including; marriage, parenting, and personal physical health. If you missed this cutting edge interview you may watch it on demand entitled: Mental Health And Politics. After watching the video, consider in what other areas of your life you could compare what would be considered more of a Democrat philosophy vs. a Republican philosophy in terms of your mental health and wellness philosophy for mental well being.

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