Doug Meehan Show With Dr. Karen Ruskin: Penn State Scandal

This morning 11/11/11 the Doug Meehan Show called upon their go-to mental health expert Dr. Karen Ruskin to discuss the Penn State Scandal LIVE on 96.9 Boston Talks. I am so glad  I had the opportunity to touch the lives of others by sharing my insights regarding sexual abuse. Among the many key points discussed in this  interview, two include:

  1. It is imperative you speak with your children about sexual abuse so as to arm them with information so they are “in the know” and have an action plan.
  2. If you are an adult who was sexually abused as a child, or at any time in your life, or your child has been sexually abused please do seek out help. Do not keep this a secret.

If you wish to listen to this informative insightful 25 minute interview, click the play button below for on demand listening.

The Doug Meehan Show airs Weekdays 10-noon.

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