Are Date Nights Important In Marriage?

Are date nights important in marriage? Can date nights play a role in helping marital success? Find this topic of interest? Want to hear my insight from the lens of a Marriage and Family Therapist about marriage as a business partnership and the loss of passion? Want to understand why some couples shy away from date night? Do some couples intentionally not go on date night? Want to hear my theory of; “take the time and make the time…” and “water the plant of marriage”? Wish to learn how to make date night successful for couples who feel disconnected? Tune in on demand to listen to my interview where the topic of date night is discussed. During my interview on WWL – AM/FM Radio I field questions asked by Tommy Tucker on The Tommy Tucker Show. Tune in now: Date Night From A Marriage Therapist’s Perspective!


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  1. Hi I am a sexy lay deprived mother of 2 and wife my husband and I use to have sex non stop even after I had our kids we still snuck in sex sessions while the kids slept or the kids were not at home with us we had sex like crazy now ever since he turned 64 he isn’t into sex with me anymore he is not sexually active withme as much anymore mind you he still looks young and doesn’t need Viagra he gets it up all on his own and mind you I am way younger then him too definitely not in my 50’s I am still in my late 30’s but he always uses our kids as a crutch to not have sex with me and I am like why it never stopped you before we always snuck sex in as much as we could while kids slept or when our kids were not at home I don’t understand why he isn’t sexually active withe like he use to be is he maybe cheating secretly he is older then me and knows all the tricks to get away with it or is it he just is not in love with me anymore or maybe he just isn’t attracted to me anymore cause we have been together for so many years I don’t understand any of this I am still in love with him and I love him and I and definitely attracted to him still thats for sure I am just scared what if it is what I think it is he is cheating or he just doesn’t love me or in love with me anymore I don’t know he also doesn’t like to discuss stuff either with me about our relationship. Is it maybe also possible that he is doing you know what way too quick now when we have sex it comes out fast now also he could as far as I know not be masturbating and it leaks out all the time now so why is this happening and will it distroy us if he doesn’t continue to want sex or anything with me anymore can we fix this or is it cause he got other girls he is banging now I don’t know help me please ?

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