Are Date Nights Important In Marriage?

by Dr. Karen Ruskin on November 14, 2013

Are date nights important in marriage? Can date nights play a role in helping marital success? Find this topic of interest? Want to hear my insight from the lens of a Marriage and Family Therapist about marriage as a business partnership and the loss of passion? Want to understand why some couples shy away from date night? Do some couples intentionally┬ánot go on date night? Want to hear my theory of; “take the time and make the time…” and “water the plant of marriage”? Wish to learn how to make date night successful for couples who feel disconnected? Tune in on demand to listen to my interview where the topic of date night is discussed. During my interview on WWL – AM/FM Radio I field questions asked by Tommy Tucker on┬áThe Tommy Tucker Show. Tune in now: Date Night From A Marriage Therapist’s Perspective!

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