Anger/Domestic Violence/Abuse

Santa Fe School Shooting – Boys and Violence

May 19, 2018

Boys are getting lost, in school and at home. They don’t have a voice. Boys becoming men is an important topic that is not being addressed, and we are seeing the problematic outcome of this. The tragic Santa Fe School Shooting, is one of far too many cases of a young male expressing inner turmoil […]

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Duggar Scandal – Child Sexual Molestation

May 31, 2015

Many of the media outlets are discussing the Josh Duggar sexual molestation scandal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with his name, he is the oldest son of the TV show: ’19 Kids and Counting’. What this family must have gone through and are now going through one can only imagine. Tabloids are what […]

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Understanding The Response Of Janay Rice – Domestic Violence

September 10, 2014

FOX News Boston called upon my expertise to discuss the response of Janay Rice. I invite you to watch on demand this segment of: ‘Ask Dr. Karen’, if you missed my live interview, which aired on 9/10/14. On air when anchor Shannon Mulaire asked if Janay’s public response surprised me, I shared that her response […]

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14 Reasons Women Don’t Press Abuse Charges, Stand By Their Man -Ray Rice

September 8, 2014

The domestic violence case of Ray Rice and his wife Janay is the latest case of domestic violence publicized in the news. This is a reminder of the question that is often posed to Marriage Therapists such as myself which is: Why do women stay in abusive relationships? Also, why do women not press abuse […]

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Scott Brown Living An Authentic Life – A Contradiction? Analyze That

June 9, 2014

Scott Brown – Is he simply trying to live life as an authentic self and within that therein is the contradiction for the public? Some question his sincerity, his authenticity. Why? Well, to start with he is a “politician” after all. Thus, we as a public are skeptical right from the start. In today’s blog […]

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UCSB Murder – Misogyny or Mental Illness?

May 29, 2014

There’s debate as to whether Elliot Rodger’s violent murder spree was due to misogyny or mental illness. As a Psychotherapist for 20+ years I will boldly state in an effort to set the record straight that this is a clear cut case of mental illness. Misogyny is defined as the hatred or contempt of women. […]

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CA Tragedy – Another Murder At The Hands Of A Young Adult Male: Elliot Rodger

May 26, 2014

Another horrifying tragedy at the hands of a young male. Elliot Rodger’s killing rampage in CA has left many families in mourning, students in fear realizing the vulnerability of their lives, and the public wondering; what can we learn from this to provide future prevention? Today’s blog, posts questions for the opportunity to open up […]

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Inside The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez

May 16, 2014

FOX News Boston LIVE at 5 with Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin – Topic: Inside The Mind Of Aaron Hernandez. If you find this topic interesting, you are invited to view this interview on demand with anchors Maria Stephanos and Mark Ockerbloom. Topics Included: Compartmentalization/Separate Lives Reactive Response Beaker Effect Psychopath/Sociopath Genetic Predisposition/Environmental Flight/Fight Guilt, Remorse […]

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Arlington Family Found Dead – Murder/Suicide

November 21, 2013

In Arlington Massachusetts, a family was found dead. Current reports include an alleged murder/suicide. Can a messy divorce trigger a man to kill his children and current wife? If you are experiencing suicidal ideations should you get a psychological evaluation and ongoing treatment, or just try to cope with your painful thoughts on your own? […]

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Anger Issues Is A Relationship Problem – Anger Mismanagement

September 2, 2013

As an expert in the relationship dynamics between people for 20 years, I will share with you that anger issues, specifically, the mismanagement of anger is the major cause of conflict in our personal and professional relationships. If you are a person who others say you have anger issues, then likely you do. For the […]

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