Polyamory Vs Monogamy – The Debate

November 15, 2014

DebateOut.com called upon my experience as a Marriage Therapist to share my insights on the topic of polyamory vs monogamy. It seems as though there is a debate with some on one side of the fence in favor of polyamory as an acceptable lifestyle, and others who feel monogamy is the only way to be. […]

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Young People Waiting To Marry – Why? Top Reasons

October 15, 2014

According to the latest census data, the percentage of adults in the U.S. who have never been married hits an all time high. Specifically, new data shows that more young adults are waiting to marry. Why? There are various opinions as to why this is happening, depending on who you ask. This blog article addresses […]

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Open Relationships

September 3, 2014

FOX News Magazine’s Ashley Papa interviewed Marriage and Relationship Therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin (that’s me), for her latest article on Open Relationships this week entitled: Your Partner Wants An Open Relationship. I have written several articles about open relationships. Provided below are some of those articles: Open Relationships- Expert Advice Monogamy Vs. Polyamory: Are Humans […]

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Polyamory – Not Healthy For Children

October 28, 2013

As a Marriage and Family Therapist/Relationship Expert for 20 years, it has been my ongoing experience that Polyamory is not the ideal scenario for children to experience as their parents’ lifestyle. It is my assertion that it is less than ideal with potentially traumatic affects. Those in polyamorous relationships wish to see the positive for […]

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Swingers, Polyamory, Open Relationships – Casting Call – Share Your Story On Television

April 14, 2013

If you are a swinger, live a lifestyle of open relationships, or live a life of polyamory – and wish to share your story, your opinion; on television – now is your opportunity! FOX 25 News Boston will be airing a special report. Interviews will be taking place by appointment only during the Month of April […]

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Hidden In America – Swingers and Free Love With Family Therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin

March 24, 2013

Discovery Network’s Destination America offers its viewers a new show called: Hidden In America. Marriage and Family Therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin shares her relationship and parenting expertise on an episode entitled: Swingers and Free Love – check out the promo! Provocative! Hidden In America is a one-hour series exploring members-only worlds, with episodes interviewing people directly involved in […]

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Monogamy VS. Polyamory – Are Humans Built To Love One Or Many?

November 28, 2012

Monogamy vs. polyamory – Are humans built to love one or many? Relationship expert Dr. Karen Ruskin explains in her blog that this is not an ‘either-or’ debate.

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Love Your Spouse or Partner And Still Had An Affair? Kristen Stewart

August 1, 2012

Can you love your spouse and still have an affair? The answer painfully is yes. Oddly enough you can love your spouse and still do something that hurts them, that causes such trauma. How is that possible one asks? The answer is because the “cheater” is not thinking about the person they care about, they […]

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This Generation Of Kids – Parent Expert Explains

May 13, 2012

Why is parenting this generation of kids such a challenge? This parenting expert, Dr. Karen Ruskin explains the reason why: we are living during a time of great transition, of real transformation. Specifically, we are living during a time of Familial And Relational Transformation (F.A.R.T.). This is the FART generation and it is not a […]

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House Husbands? Relationship Expert Speaks

May 11, 2012

Wellness For The Real World’s Dr. Veronica interviewed Relationship Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin to discuss: House Husbands and the topic of women who desire to be sexually dominated. Post the interview a guest blog request was offered to Dr. Ruskin to share in writing about these hot topics. Below you will find the blog Dr. […]

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