Athletes and Mental Health

August 27, 2018

The 5 Part series on mental health in the NBA cannot go unnoticed, especially by a Psychotherapist such as myself in particular as I counsel professional athletes and coaches at the highest level as well as the college and High School level providing individual treatment, relationship/marriage counseling, and family therapy. I am so glad and […]

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How’s your mental health this summer?

June 6, 2018

For many, thoughts of the summer and the summer itself, brings smiling faces. For others, summer time is filled with anxiety, emotional discomfort and feelings of sadness. During my bi-weekly regular mental health segment on NECN with Joy Lim Nakrin, this week’s topic: Summer Mental Health I address 4 top reasons why there are those […]

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Tax Season – How to Manage Stress and Anxiety Reaction

March 23, 2018

Tax Season Stress is quite common. To say that tax season and stress goes hand and hand would not be an outrageous statement for many. This morning on NECN I explained the following: Stress-anxiety-worry feedback loop/cycle Top 3 reasons why tax season is stressful #1 tool to manage tax season stress reaction If you missed […]

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Mental Health In Your Older Years

September 2, 2017

Mental Health in one’s older years (which is deemed age 60 and above), is an important topic. 1 in 4 older Americans will experience some type of mental illness in their lives (source: My Medicare Matters in partnership with Mental Health America). 1 in 5 older adults experience mental health concerns that are not a […]

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Female Empowerment – Relationship Health

July 28, 2017

It was such an honor to be the first and only to date Relationship Expert invited to speak at the Women2Women Leadership Conference held by Empower Peace. On Thursday July 27th, 2017 I educated 100+ young women from over 30 countries on topics such as: empowerment, self-esteem and confidence, and achieving one’s goals as it […]

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The Identity Of An Athlete, What’s Next?

December 10, 2016

As a mental health professional in private practice I work with people of varied life experiences, each of whom are on their own unique journey. Couples/marriage counseling, individual counseling (youth, adults), and family counseling; topics ranging from relationship issues (e.g., parent-child relationship, husband-wife relationship, dating) – to – personal mental health (e.g., anxiety, depression, self […]

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Sports & Smelling Salts – Psychology of Smell

September 12, 2016

NFL’s Patriots Jimmy Garoppolo in last night’s game utilized smelling salts as part of his football experience. Whether you agree with this method or not, as a mental health professional I see the value when professionals in the public eye acknowledge an anxious moment. It reminds everyone of the normalcy of emotions and the importance […]

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Happy Homeowners Of America

July 27, 2016

As HomeAdvisor’s Happiness Advisor, I have an exciting opportunity as a Psychotherapist who specializes in relationships to talk about and analyze HomeAdvisor’s Homeowner Happiness Survey. It is my opinion that our home affects our relationship with our self, our family, friends/neighbors, just as our relationship with our own health and wellness, and our relationship with […]

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Job In Private Practice: Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist

February 10, 2016

Job Opportunity and Immediate Opening for:

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Do You Communicate With Passion?

August 21, 2015

Are you the type of person who communicates a point at work and you feel like no one listens to you? But . . .  when someone else, a particular someone else communicates the very same thing, that person’s voice is heard? Or, are you the opposite of this scenario? Rather, are YOU the person […]

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