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Dr Karen offers solutions to your problemsOn each segment of ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ on FOX 25 News Boston, Dr. Karen provides cutting edge insights and concrete techniques and solutions in her answers to viewers’ questions. Below you will find blog entries for each of Dr. Karen’s appearances for the ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment along with a link for you to view each episode. Therefore, if you are unable to watch the segment LIVE, whether you are at work, in a different state, at your children’s school function, or for any reason at all, or you simply wish to re-watch a segment or share it with a friend, you know you can come back to this blog and view a segment of ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ on demand.

Are Parents Doing Too Much For Their Grown Children? Helicopter Parents

May 2, 2014

Some parents guide their children all the way into the work force. Is it healthy or helicopter parenting? As a parenting expert/Marriage & Family Therapist, I weighed in on the topic of ‘Helicopter Parents’ LIVE on FOX News Boston on 5/1/14. Are parents doing too much for their grown children? How can you know if […]

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Boston Marathon Anniversary – Coping & Dealing With Emotions For Kids And Adults

April 7, 2014

Here in Massachusetts, as we approach the 1 year Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing, there are a wide range of feelings that adults and children report experiencing. As a Family Therapist/Psychotherapist, this morning LIVE on FOX News Boston during our ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment, I shared 4 tips to help adults and children deal […]

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Ask Dr. Karen – Positive Parenting, Raising Respectful Children

March 26, 2014

LIVE on air this morning FOX News Boston’s anchor Elizabeth Hopkins and I discussed my parenting book entitled: 9 Key Techniques For Raising Respectful Children Who Make Responsible Choices. I invite you to watch this interview available on demand where I explain that positive parenting is a very important technique to weave throughout parenting one’s […]

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Ask Dr. Karen – Sleep Study, Wife vs. Mother, Men End Relationships

March 3, 2014

Ask Dr. Karen- Educational and entertaining regular morning segment on FOX News Boston, where viewers submit their relationship questions, and I answer them LIVE. Today’s segment, anchor Elizabeth “Lilly” Hopkins provided the interview which included a discussion on a sleep study, a woman who feels her husband wants her to be his mother, and a […]

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Ask Dr Karen- Studies On Romance, Religion Vs. Love, Marry Me, Family Dysfunction

February 3, 2014

This morning’s ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment on FOX News Boston covered 2 new studies on romance as well as answered viewers questions. Religion vs. love, marry me, and family dysfunction were among the topics addressed. You are invited to view this segment – it aired LIVE on 2/3/14 and is now available on demand. I explain […]

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Worst Time Of Year For Divorce, Fighting Fair In Marriage, Win Back Your Girlfriend

January 6, 2014

During this morning’s segment of Ask Dr. Karen on FOX News Boston, topics addressed included: worst time of the year for divorce, common mistakes couples make when arguing, and how to win back your girlfriend. If you missed my LIVE interview, I invite you to view it on demand where I share my perspective from […]

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3 Ways In 3 Days To Improve Family Relationship Dynamics

December 26, 2013

Any day any time is the right time to take action and improve your family relationship dynamics. I shared on air from the lens of a Marriage and Family Therapist – 3 ways in 3 days you can take action to improve your family relationship dynamics. If you desire to connect/re-connect with your kids, your […]

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Ask Dr Karen – Teen Rumors, Mother-In-Law Stress, Workaholic

December 2, 2013

Teen rumors, mother-in-law stress during the holidays, and when your spouse is a workaholic what to do- were today’s topics on Ask Dr. Karen. FOX Morning News Boston’ regular segment where viewers ask their relationship questions (marriage, dating, parenting, . . . ), and I answer them LIVE on air. Topics – Further Detail and […]

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Marital Financial Infidelity Vs. Holiday Money Spending

November 30, 2013

On FOX 25 News Boston, from the lens of a Marriage Therapist I explained that there is a difference between committing marital financial infidelity vs. not disclosing to your spouse how much money you are spending for holiday gifts. Provided below is my interview.

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Ask Dr Karen – Marital Bed, Spouse Always Right, X-Husband’s Girlfriend

November 11, 2013

Ask Dr. Karen – this informative regular segment on FOX News Boston continues with many excellent viewers’ relationship questions submited, where I answer them LIVE on air. This morning, anchor Sara Underwood asked me about a study from The National Sleep Foundation that found nearly 1/4 of couples sleep in separate beds. Specifically; is that helpful […]

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