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Dr Karen offers solutions to your problemsOn each segment of ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ on FOX 25 News Boston, Dr. Karen provides cutting edge insights and concrete techniques and solutions in her answers to viewers’ questions. Below you will find blog entries for each of Dr. Karen’s appearances for the ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment along with a link for you to view each episode. Therefore, if you are unable to watch the segment LIVE, whether you are at work, in a different state, at your children’s school function, or for any reason at all, or you simply wish to re-watch a segment or share it with a friend, you know you can come back to this blog and view a segment of ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ on demand.

Text Therapy Instead Of In Office Therapy?

October 22, 2014

Text therapy is just what it sounds like, yup, you text your thoughts and a therapist responds via text. The question is: is that as therapeutic as in office therapy? Is text therapy going to eventually push in office therapy out? Although I believe text therapy has a therapeutic value in certain circumstances, it absolutely […]

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Woman Ask Man To Marry? Ebola Anxiety! Divorce A Cheater?

October 11, 2014

Should a woman ask a man to marry her, if she feels he is taking too long and they are about to move in together? Should a woman divorce her husband who cheated on her, or try to work it out? Tips for how to cope with medical anxiety (e.g., many people are experiencing anxiety […]

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Understanding The Response Of Janay Rice – Domestic Violence

September 10, 2014

FOX News Boston called upon my expertise to discuss the response of Janay Rice. I invite you to watch on demand this segment of: ‘Ask Dr. Karen’, if you missed my live interview, which aired on 9/10/14. On air when anchor Shannon Mulaire asked if Janay’s public response surprised me, I shared that her response […]

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Bus Anxiety, School Behavior, Sleep Problems – Ask Dr Karen

September 2, 2014

This week’s episode of ‘Ask Dr. Karen‘ on FOX News Boston included viewers parenting questions. Topics with concrete tips included: Bus anxiety for a middle school girl and her mother’s worry School behavior problem for a 6 year old (e.g., writing on the wall instead of participating in circle time) Sleep issues (20 month old […]

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Falling Out Of Love – Ask Dr Karen

August 4, 2014

Falling out of love  was today’s topic on ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ on FOX News Boston. When traits you used to love about your partner now drives you nuts, was discussed. Examples and tips were provided. This is a must see where anchor Melissa Mahan had me laughing out loud when she shared an old boyfriend experience […]

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Young Children’s Body Image, Free Range Kids VS Helicopter Parenting

July 7, 2014

On this morning’s ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment on FOX News Boston, I weighed in on a study that discussed young children’s body image. As always, I answer viewers questions. Today’s example addressed young children playing in the park unsupervised. In turn, leading to my verbalization explaining this example is symbolic for  two separate parenting camps: […]

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Marriage Sabbatical – Time Off From Spouse Leads To Divorce

June 25, 2014

Taking an extended period of time off AKA ‘marriage sabbatical’, from your spouse is NOT recommended by this marriage therapist. During my ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment on FOX News Boston we discussed this trend. I explained on air that taking an hour or two or more here and there where you have time by yourself […]

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Stay Married For The Kids Or Divorce, Co-Parenting, Graduation Speech Tips- Ask Dr. Karen

June 2, 2014

Viewers submit their relationship questions, and Psychotherapist/Marriage and Family Therapist/Relationship Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin answers them LIVE on air on FOX News Boston for this informative regular segment; ‘Ask Dr. Karen’. This morning’s segment received many great submissions. The 3 topics Dr. Karen Ruskin addressed with anchor Elizabeth Hopkins included: If you are unhappily married […]

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Working Moms CAN Be Great Moms – Emma Thompson Says No?

May 29, 2014

Can working moms be great moms? Celebrity Emma Thompson’s recent controversial statement suggests the answer is a big NO! During my segment of ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ on FOX News Boston, I discussed this topic. I invite you to check out my insights, viewing available on demand.

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Beauty VS. Brains – What Really Matters? APP Focuses on Personality

May 5, 2014

Imagine this . . . a new dating APP that focuses attention on personality/interests rather than beauty. Hm, beauty vs. brains – what really matters in a relationship? Check out my latest ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment on FOX News Boston where I weigh in on this topic. Anchor Melissa Mahan and I discuss our opinion, […]

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