Clinton Inc The Movie – The Cast

by Dr. Karen Ruskin on September 10, 2016

Dr Karen Ruskin stars in: Clinton Inc The Movie (pic with poster)

I am proud to share that I am a member of the cast in: Clinton Inc The Movie. This documentary stars varied esteemed professionals of differing backgrounds offering their unique lens providing observations, commentary, and opinions woven throughout the movie. In addition to myself, this superb cast includes: Daniel Halper, Dick Morris, William Chafe, Dr. John Gartner, John “Rick” MacArthur, Rich Lowry, Ron Kessler, Doug Henwood, Rick Lazio, Steve Pomerantz, Myra Adams and more. To learn more about the cast specifics, like; who was the political advisor and close confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton from 1978-1996 vs. which member of the cast is the author of: ‘Bill and Hillary: The Politics of the Personal’ vs. which cast member is the President of Harper’s Magazine vs. which member of the cast is the editor of National Review vs. which member of the cast is a retired Assistant Director of the FBI, and more . . . check out Clinton Inc The Movie official trailer.

Production Team

Clinton Inc The Movie is produced by Doug Sain (best known as the producer for ‘2016 Obama’s America’), written and directed by Bill Baber, and based on Daniel Halper’s NY Times best selling book: Clinton Inc.


Clinton Inc The Movie is a documentary about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s political alliance, business partnership, and marriage. The cast takes the audience through a journey of the true story of an American dynasty discussing Bill and Hillary’s childhood and adulthood including addressing how key experiences and decisions may have played a role in the development of this unique power couple. Whatever side of the political isle you are on, this documentary is quite informative and an important must see.

Clinton Inc The Movie – to be released September 30th, 2016

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