Anthony Weiner Sexting – Why Women Stay? Why Cheat?

Anthony Weiner has been caught sexting – again, and again, and again. We remember as a public when he resigned from congress stemming from a sexting scandal (2011). We remember the heart felt speech Huma Abedin gave when she shared that they received much counseling. We remember his code name “Carlos Danger” allegedly to keep his sexting undercover. Technology is a vessel in which to play out impulsive compulsive yearnings and that I want what I want when I want it behavior. Technology has made it easier thereby exacerbating the fantasy to move from in one’s mind, to expressing it to another (e.g., sexting). 

What are some of the questions the public may be wondering about:

Is the problem that Anthony is sexting? Is the problem that he is sexting and he is married? Is the problem that he is caught sexting and if he wasn’t caught then although it is not “ok” it is, well, ok? Is the problem that his son was in bed with him during sexting? Why would Anthony sext when it has caused much problems for him in his personal, relational and professional life? Is Huma going to remain in this relationship? Does anyone really care what Anthony is or is not doing? Will Anthony’s sexting hurt Hillary and help Trump, or not a glitch?  What advice is Hillary giving Huma? Why does a woman stand by her man? Is sexting cheating? Can cheating be prevented? What are the signs of a cheater? Why do women vs men cheat? Is Huma’s traveling triggering Anthony’s behavior? What does this mean for working women? Can sexting be stopped or is it an addiction and must be “accepted”? Is sexting a compulsion, and if it is can it be stopped, managed, controlled? Does counseling help solve such a problem, or help provide management of such a problem? Can cheating enhance a marriage or does it only destroy it? Will Huma remain with Anthony?

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