‘Decision Points’ By George Bush – Dr. Karen Ruskin’s Perspective/Insights From A Mental Health Perspective (Pod Cast)

On November 21st 2010 Dr. Karen Ruskin was the guest on host Barry Shainbaum’s radio program 94.3 ON. During this interview Dr. Ruskin shares her  insights on portions of President Bush’s new book ‘Decision Points’. This interview took place while she was in mid-read, prior to completing reading the book, she boldly embraced the opportunity to share her opinion from a mental health perspective. Dr. Ruskin shares the ways in which President Bush’s book offers ‘self help’ wisdom ranging from parenting, marital, and one’s own individual life journey and goal achievements. Whether or not you are a fan of Bush or his policies is not the focus of this discussion, rather Dr. Ruskin remains focused on  sharing several ways in which woven throughout his book are ‘self help’ messages that are of significance for the many. In addition, Dr. Ruskin fields parenting questions, discusses her parenting book for this generation of parents, and marriage.

You may click here to listen to this interview on demand.


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