Marriage Tips & Advice For A “Friendly” Divorce

by Dr. Karen Ruskin on January 5, 2015

WWL AM/FM radio called upon my expertise as a Marriage & Family Therapist to share marriage tips to help couples have a successful marriage that lasts through time. And, I was asked for my tips and advice to help couples who have chosen to get a divorce how to make it amicable and friendly, so to speak. If you missed my interview LIVE on 1/5/15, and this topic is of interest to you, here is the link so you can listen on demand. My interview begins at the 3 minutes and 9 seconds mark: Tips For A Friendly Divorce & Marriage Tips.

Since all of my tips are not included in the time block of an interview, provided below are several additional bullet points for your reading pleasure. Thus I invite you to take what you heard during my interview, and add to the information you receive to help you during your life journey, whether it is a divorce you are in the process of, or if you are choosing to pay attention to your marriage to help it not just to survive but thrive. Below you will find 7 Tips For A Friendly Divorce and 9 Tips For A Successful Marriage.

Friendly Divorce Tips:

  1. Get counseling (Individual and Family)
  2. Kids come first. Don’t put them in the middle, don’t open them up to taking sides.
  3. Provide stability and routine, as much as possible for your kids. Divorce is such an unstable time.
  4. Get a mediator.
  5. Choose not to fight.
  6. Don’t let the other person’s issues become your issues.
  7. Make healthy personal choices (physically, mentally, emotionally).

Successful Marriage Tips:

  1. Date your mate.
  2. Communicate with your spouse not at your spouse.
  3. Each day make it a point to do one small thing for your spouse that lets them know you feel they are special, valued, and appreciated.
  4. Water the plan of marriage.
  5. Show through words and actions you appreciate your mate.
  6. Pay attention to your mate.
  7. Be affectionate.
  8. Be mindful of attending to the 3 legs of marriage: emotional intimacy, physical intimacy and sexual intimacy with an overall umbrella of communication and friendship.
  9. Be trustworthy.

Article written by reporter David Blake for regarding my interview on WWL AM/FM entitled: Divorce After The Holidays.

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