President Obama’s Dysfunctional Relationship With America

President Obama’s exacerbation of American Dependency by triggering anxiety through his actions remains painfully consistent, of which I have blogged about these warning signs since the onset. The dysfunctional and unhealthy relationship he has between himself and America has in my opinion, exacerbated mental illness in our America. Controversial statement this may be, but as a Psychotherapist and considered a top relationship expert, whose specialty for 20+ years it is to understand and analyze the relationship dynamic between people (in this case; the person being him and the people of America), I am interested in sharing my observation. For I believe we must overtly recognize and discuss this reality, for America is crumbling before our eyes and the President of the United States of America is playing a significant role.

You will find below my talking points. Agree or disagree, that’s the beauty of the human mind, we are all blessed with an opinion. This is an opinion column based upon my observation through a Psychotherapeutic lens.

Anxiety disorders are considered the most common mental illnesses in America, costing the U.S. much. Thus it is no surprise that in my work, I am seeing many adults and kids reporting Ebola Anxiety. Heck, when I was on FOX News Boston during my ‘Ask Dr. Karen’ segment sharing my tip to cope with Ebola anxiety, the producers and anchors alike were sharing with me their concern about Ebola.

Painfully I am not surprised by President Obama’s actions (his behavior is inconsistent with what a president should do when faced with what I deem to be a medical crisis). Why am I not surprised? Answer: Obama’s actions are quite consistent with his ongoing behavioral choices that time and time again display an underlying hatred for America, for what America stands for, or stood for shall I say as he is chipping away brick by brick what we are. There have been warning signs all along the way that I have been blogging about that Obama’s relationship with America is one of dysfunction and mentally unhealthy.

These are just but 5 warning signs of Obama’s unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship with America, with the American people. I invite you to read each of the links attached, as they are my previous blog entries explaining my insight and concerns in detail:

  1. You didn’t build that – Do you remember the statement Obama made that does not provide credit nor cheer, no support nor validation of nor for a person who builds a business? This inference creates a culture of defeated self, dependency and merger of all, rather than promoting growth. A lack of self reliance and passion to achieve, grow, and succeed triggers anxiety and depression symptomology.
  2. Obama’s marijuana comparison to alcohol – Do you recall this comparison? A person in power, the leader of America waving off marijuana as not a big deal as he shared his own personal marijuana experience leads people to darkness with a lack of intelligent understanding of the realities of addiction. Thereby leading to further dependency (e.g., dependency on drugs, more money required to go into treatment facilities, as more people seek out drug treatment). Entitlement and impulsive reactive response is favored rather than a statement of the importance of self control and respect for one’s body. “I want what I want when I want it” attitude, and I deserve to have it cause I want it and therefore will have it, philosophy reins. Sadly, addiction/dependency is often co-diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety.
  3. Affordable Care Act proposal (I shared my insights on Hannity’s Doctor Summit that the affordable care act is not so affordable). This blog article explains the reality of how this proposal hurts those seeking out mental health services, decreases many people from receiving skilled services, and creates a dependency on government. 3 Ways ObamaCare negatively affects Mental Health Care – Both of my articles explain my stance of a dependency culture, which from a mental health perspective is directly tied into triggering in humans anxiety and depression.
  4. Obama wipes away food stamp requirements –  Do you recall when this decision was made thereby from a psychotherapeutic perspective, further creates a dependent culture? Reliance on others rather than self, rather than promoting providing for self/family exacerbates and creates a lack of self worth thereby creating depression and anxiety through feeling not in control of one’s life.
  5. Sandra Fluke – The case of female dependency where they don’t pay for their birth control was yet another ridiculous example of exacerbating anxiety through reliance rather than self empowerment.

These are just but 5 examples, taken amongst so many, of which is so painful to watch, that President Obama continues time and time again to make decisions that are so obviously in direct contradiction to what America stands for. His decisions with consistency are the theme of anxiety creation. The creation, the exacerbation of a dependent culture rather than a society of empowerment, strength, courage to achieve, independence to grow, and pride to accomplish rather than reliance on government is chipping away at America. Just as the goal of a parent is to help one’s children as they become an adult to strive for more, to achieve, to feel self empowered, to provide for self and family, to feel capable – as that is a healthy relationship between parent and child, so too should be the relationship between President Obama and the American people. Those who are incapable, who truly need and require assistance, it is beautiful that our government is here to help them. The problem is, to not stand up for America, for the healthy (women), for the brave (business owners), to not protect what we have (e.g., allowing Ebola into our country), . . .  this is our destruction. The examples continue as President Obama displays yet again his dysfunctional relationship with America and his loathing of what we stand for as he creates a new America; one of sickness (mental and medical), reliance, dependency, and loss of identity. The sicker we become the more dependent we become, the more dependent we become the sicker we become . . .


2 thoughts on “President Obama’s Dysfunctional Relationship With America”

  1. Another dysfunctional attitude and chip upon the American dream…. My husband and I started out in life with an education given to us by parents who could barely afford to support us financially. We both had many loans to pay post college and started out working, scarcely able to live off of our dual incomes. We actually counted our pennies, buying our children their first swing set with savings from a change jar. Thirty years later, we have become successful and due to this success, Obama tells us we must take care of those less fortunate by paying more taxes due to our “extreme” income. We did not forget where we started, we always gave back, yet the increase in taxes and loss of tax breaks have led us to cut back on our ability to give to charities. We feel punished for our success, following the American dream, and working hard to utilize the opportunities our country provides to become successful. We are seen as the enemy, while many are encouraged to use the government as a resource via our taxes. The American dream has become, you don’t have to try anymore, the government will feed us, clothe us, and shelter us. Where is the motivation to succeed?

    1. Hi Karen,
      Well written, well said. I identify with your words clinically and personally. Indeed, as a gal, I grew up in a home where my room was truly the size of a small closet, went to school and worked hard to pay back loans for college and graduate school, along with my husband, as we worked and work hard to provide for our family. Indeed, the drive to succeed, to achieve is important for one’s mental health and wellness. Success due to hard work. Priceless.

      There are many who feel exactly what you are feeling. You are not alone. There are others though who find your articulation, and mine, offensive. As this is a politically hot topic, that I am viewing from a mental health lens, I must say, you have raised an important point regarding motivation.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective.
      Dr. Karen

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