Self Mutilation

Why would a person mutilate them self? Why would a person inflict physical harm on them self? On Sept 19th FOX 25 Boston News anchor Frank Mallicoat interviewed Dr. Karen Ruskin LIVE on this timely topic in response to a young woman 28 year old Bethany Storro, that lied about acid being thrown on her face, rather she inflicted this harm upon herself.

If your spouse, your child, or yourself has ever self mutilated or is thinking about hurting one’s self, please do seek help. The following is my clinical explanation on self mutilation.

Self mutilation is a physical reaction to a deep emotional problem, typically a reaction from a person who has suffered a trauma. The self mutilator wants to feel something, anything, other than what she is feeling emotionally. The self mutilation is an attempt to shift and escape one’s own focus from their emotional pain, rather onto physical pain. It is often that the self mutilator believes on some level that a dramatic infliction will take away the emotional pain.

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